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Create highly effective business courses using this template designed by professionals and built according to the latest aesthetic design and typography standards. Publish courses on topics like HR, compliances, customer training or customize for any topic by editing as needed. Track learners' performance using the best reporting features.

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Why create online business training?

Online business training is designed to create an efficient and knowledgeable workforce for an organization. It is a part of the Lean Six Sigma methodology which aims at improving performance through a collaborative team effort with proper business training. The content thus created has to be made engaging and informative with actionable items that help learners catch-up on the company policies fast and understand their roles accurately. You can find multiple corporate training courses like HR compliances, customer training, workplace ethics and more.

Enhance the overall productivity of your company by creating and having online business training sessions. Online business training courses develop cognitive skills in the trainees and help them acquire knowledge on 'agile and scrum' methodology as well as ITIL practices. Cloud-based business training caters to a large workforce coming from geographically dispersed locations, especially for companies who have global business outreach.

Personalize with images, presentations, and videos

Online training courses created using business training template can be customized according to the training objectives. Personalize your training content by adding relevant images, elegant designs, videos, presentations and more. Easily brand your training course by adding logos, specific color schemes, and typography to maintain the brand consistency of the training courses.

How to use online business template?

Create highly professional online business training courses using ProProfs business training templates. You can add your brand and logo or choose a specific color scheme to deliver a highly personalized training course. Embed quizzes and surveys to assess and engage learners. Easily grade and certify your trainees upon successful completion of the course. You can track your learners' progress using advanced reporting features.

Also, integration with ProProfs Quiz Maker helps you test the retention rate of each employee in a playful manner and engage them as well. No software installation is needed and the courses thus created are compatible with almost every electronic device that allows anywhere and anytime learning.

What makes our online business training better?

Our online business training is enriched with benefits to instructors and learners that make us stand out from the rest.

Know more about these unparalleled benefits:

  • Easily engage trainees with course content that is a natural fit for learning instead of generic study modules
  • Reduce unnecessary burden on learners by inducing engaging and learner-friendly pacing of the course.
  • Our online training smartly uses multimedia to give visual insights and engaging data-rich content for longer retention of information.
  • These courses are usually not scripted but are self-directed assignments which give the learners freedom to focus on their chosen topics, create projects and take responsibility for their own training.
  • Track learner's progress, information recap and retention; evaluate the level of understanding using reports.
  • Our online training courses offer an ease of navigation to the learners as they access the study materials easily, from anywhere and anytime.
  • Smart use of multimedia help instructors create training that appeals to all learning style.
  • Carefully selected and handpicked integrations work best to facilitate the learning process.
  • 100% visual literacy - best alignment, composition, color and typography standards help create personalized courses that appeal learners aesthetically.
  • Offer corporate learners the much-needed support as an important knowledge-base for future reference.

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