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Create Harassment Prevention Training

Prevent sexual harassment in the workplace and reduce employee conflicts

Sexual Harassment Prevention Courses

Recognize, manage and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. Help employees understand workplace harassment better and meet compliance. Establish a proper code of conduct with the help of sexual harassment training software to address and minimize cases of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment training empowers businesses to boost the productivity of their employees by helping them work without suffering from stress, anxiety or fear.

Access Courses Anytime, Anywhere

Let employees learn at their convenient time and place

Access Online Sexual Harassment Training Courses Anywhere

Make sexual harassment training for employees available on all kinds of devices like mobile, tablet or a laptop. Let employees set their own pace for training sessions. Learners can pause and resume the courses whenever they want or even retake them if needed. In fact, you may schedule training for your remote workforce easily meaning that employees can attend a training session from the comfort of their home or on the go at any given time.

  • Make courses easily available
  • Offer anytime, anywhere learning
  • Pause & resume courses
  • Easily schedule training for remote teams

Offer a Convenient Learning Experience

Provide designated learning paths and guided learning

Well-Defined Learning Paths for Employee Harassment Training

Offer course bundles and personalized learning paths to learners to meet individual learning & development needs. ProProfs sexual harassment training software lets you set up rules for course compliance and collaborate at every learning point. Timely feedback ensures the holistic development of your learners that guarantees a positive outcome. Use smart settings and configurations to make training hassle-free.

  • Provide well-defined learning paths
  • Collaborate at every stage of learning
  • Ensure all-round development of learners
  • Use settings & configurations

Use Existing or New Training Material

Upload documents, videos, images, and other visuals

Create New Sexual Harassment Training Courses With the Help of Templates

Upload pre-existing or newly created Word docs, videos, infographics, and other appealing visuals to make sexual harassment training engaging. Create courses that are perfect for deploying sexual harassment training online for employees. Easily explain what constitutes workplace harassment, how to prevent it, report it, and provide a coping mechanism. Manage multiple groups of learners in online classrooms where they can easily access the educational material anytime, anywhere.

  • Create new or use existing courses
  • Make courses appealing & interactive
  • Explain how to prevent harassment
  • Manage learners in virtual classrooms


  • Create Attractive Online Sexual Harassment Training Courses

    Design & Brand

    Create attractive online courses quickly and easily.

  • 100+ Harassment Training Templates & Themes

    100+ Courses

    100+ ready-to-use courses and themes.

  • Track Harassment Training Courses With LMS

    Learning Management

    Train and track thousands of learners easily.

  • Integrate Quizzes & Surveys in Sexual Harassment Training

    Measure Knowledge

    Integrated quizzes & surveys to assess learning objectives.

  • Integrate Knowledge base in your Online Training

    Share Knowledge

    Distribute knowledge with collaboration and knowledge base tools.

  • Simple & Easy to Create an OnlineHarassment Prevention Training Course

    Simple & Easy

    For all skill levels. No software download or HTML skills needed.

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