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Accident Investigation
Accident Investigation

Learn how to investigate accidents in the workplace, what process to follow and the detailed step by step method to adopt while investigating accidents at your workplace. Go through case studies, take quizzes and become a perfect investigator.

Category: Managing Workplace Accidents

Recommended: All businesses

Time: Less than a day

Hazard Identification
Hazard Identification

Learn how to conduct safety inspections in the workplace. This training is intended for safety committee members, EHS employes and supervisors across all businesses to keep their workplaces free from unwanted hazards and accidents.

Category: Managing Workplace Accidents

Recommended: All businesses

Time: Half Day

Importance of Safety Training Online

  • Prevent Workplace Accidents
  • Safety awareness training courses are extremely important as they help prevent workplace accidents by laying down key safety measures and regulations.

  • Empower Employees
  • Safety awareness training courses for employees are a must as they help employees recognize and report unsafe conditions. Empower your employees with safety awareness training courses.

  • Standardize Safety Regulations
  • Effective safety training ensures that all employees receive the same message, in a clear and succinct manner, and reduces the risk of job-related injuries.

  • Save Time and Money
  • Safety training helps companies save time and money by reducing workplace accidents that hinder production. Avoid such mishaps and accidents using safety training online courses.

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    Benefits of Safety Training Online

  • Anywhere, Anytime Training
  • Online safety training modules are available at any time and at any location. Employers can provide safety training on-demand, when new employees are hired or when veteran employees need updated information.

  • Less Time-Consuming
  • Face-to-face safety training sessions require a sizeable time commitment from supervisors and employees. Pre-made online training courses can be accessed by employees at their time and convenience.

  • Convenient for Employees
  • Employees can easily set their own pace of learning. With something as important as OSHA safety training, employees can take their time to understand content, and even revisit it online as needed.

  • Track Employee Compliance
  • Organizations often need to document safety training content and attendance. Online safety training courses have built-in documentation & compliance measures, such as assessments and surveys!


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