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Hiring And The ADA
Hiring And The ADA

ADA compliance training course provides employees and management personnel with the basic skills necessary for avoiding disabilities discrimination when hiring employees. Hiring and the ADA Supervisor Training is designed for employees and supervisors who are developing or honing their interviewing skills including those who are responsible for making company hiring decisions.

Recommended: All business

Time: 2 hours

Interviewing And Hiring Practices
Interviewing And Hiring Practices

This Interviewing Skills Training course provides employees and management personnel with basic skills necessary for hiring the right employees for the job. Throughout the Interviewing training course, employees will become familiar with the best practices ranging from the importance of understanding job descriptions to extending an offer of employment to candidates with the right skills.

Recommended: All business

Time: 4 hours

Importance of Induction Training

  • Standardize Employee Orientation
  • New employees often want detailed information about a company´s rules and benefits available to them. Induction training delivers this information in a standardized way to all new hires - saving everyone time and eliminating confusion.

  • Provide Logistical Information
  • From the chain of command to the location of the nearest restroom, new employees need an introduction to organizational structures and procedures. Induction training is the perfect means to provide logistical information to employees.

  • Boost Employee Morale
  • A successful induction training program provides employees the information they need about the organization to "hit the ground running", while inculcating a sense of belonging in employees and boosting their productivity and morale.

  • Reduce Employee Anxiety
  • New recruits can be stressed out owing to questions regarding their roles, co-workers and so on. The induction training program lessens the stress and anxiety of new employees as they transition into the organization.

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    Benefits of Online Induction Training

  • Convenient for Employees
  • With online induction training programs employees can not only access the information from the moment they join the organization, but can revisit the content as the need arises. New hires receive an overwhelming amount of information. Online content modules allow them to process this information at their own time, and revisit in case of questions!

  • Customized Training
  • Online training can easily be customized to fit an organization's various induction needs. They can also be designed to fit the needs of new recruits, so that orientation materials are available to new employees on an as-needed basis. Instead of a one-size-fits-all induction experience, online modules can be customized differently for each department!

  • 24/7 Course Availability
  • Employees can access online induction materials at a time and location that is convenient to them. This makes it easy for HRs to schedule induction training especially for geographically dispersed employees. Rather than waiting for the next scheduled face-to-face induction session, new recruits can access information online and begin work immediately!

  • Save Time
  • Online induction training modules can be easily accessed by new employees, eliminating the need for face-to-face sessions which can be extremely time-consuming. HR's no longer have to halt their work to provide information about benefits to new employees. Online induction training saves tremendous effort and time!


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