Eliminate employee conflicts with workplace harassment prevention training

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Age Discrimination
Age Discrimination is a common but unlawful practice followed by many businesses. Learn how to prevent age discrimination at your workplace and much more with this training course, meant to be taken by all supervisors/managers/HR representatives at all workplaces.
Category: Workplace Harassment
Recommended: All supervisors/managers/HR representatives at all businesses
Time: Less than a Day

Importance of Harassment Training

  • Create a Code of Conduct
  • Harassment training helps to create a code of conduct for an organization that all employees must adhere to.

  • Increases Productivity
  • Owing to harassment trainings, employees perform their responsibilities without suffering from stress or fear, resulting in a boost in productivity.

  • Prevent Lawsuits
  • Workplace harassment training helps to reduce employee conflicts and the risk of lawsuits being filed against the business.

  • Recognize and Eliminate Harassing
  • Workplace harassment training empowers employees with information on how to spot and stop harassing behaviour before it escalates.

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    Benefits of Online Harassment Training

  • Simple and Easy
  • Online harassment training can be taken from any device connected to the Internet without installation or download of any software.

  • Gain Access From Anywhere
  • It is easy to schedule online harassment training as employees can attend the training session in their time, from anywhere anyplace.

  • Mobile & Browser Compatibility
  • ProProfs supports multiple devices & browsers. Employees can access the training even from tablets & smartphones.

  • Reduce Training Costs
  • The same online harassment training course can be used multiple times, making it convenient and cost-effective to train new employees.


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    Uses of Workplace Harassment Training

    Make your employees learn the laws, legal regulations and policies liable to the organization.
    Introduce employees to sexual harassment identification and prevention to foster a safe and productive work environment.
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