Create Online Courses & Tests

Reuse existing material or build everything from scratch

ProProfs distance learning software comes integrated with eLearning authoring tool. Using it, you can develop beautifully designed branded courses for in-house as well as remote training. Apart from images, videos, and presentations, you can add quizzes, surveys, and brain games to increase engagement level and knowledge retention. The courses developed with ProProfs distant learning solutions work on all popular devices and in 70+ languages.

Train Using Virtual Classrooms

Engage learners with Q&A, Announcements & Discussions

Deliver workplace training to the doorsteps of learners who are working from home or elsewhere. Give them a virtual classroom experience and remove the perception of physical distance with remote education. Let them learn as they would in regular office environments but in a more engaging and efficient manner. Class size in ProProfs virtual classroom software is a non-issue. You can scale it quickly to accommodate any number of learners according to your changing training needs.

  • Small groups to thousands of learners
  • Send reminders, announcements & handouts
  • Build learning community
  • Collaborate with Q&A, discussions & chat

Provide Self-Paced Learning

Give learners the liberty to schedule learning based on convenience

Self-Directed Learning Best Distance Learning Software

When you use the best software for distance learning, you’re facilitating self-directed or self-paced learning. Let your learners decide what, when, and how they will learn. This feature in distance learning software is helpful to modern-day professionals as it enables them to fit training into their busy schedules. They can even retake courses to make sure they fully master them. This way, both fast learners and slow learners can learn at their own convenient pace.

  • Self-paced learning
  • Easily fits in busy schedules
  • Learning paths & course bundles
  • Anytime, anywhere learning

Track Progress in Real-Time

Easily monitor the learning progress of your learners

Our distance learning software platform enables you to keep an eye on remote learners. Geographical distance doesn’t necessarily mean absence of learning supervision. Get an overview of who took a course and when on the platform itself without having to find out over the email or phone. This essential feature in our remote learning software ensures course completion by trainees even as you get access to data such as who is struggling and lagging.

  • View who took a course & when
  • Find out who needs help
  • Award certificates to learners
  • Ensure timely course completion


  • Virtual Classroom for  Distance Education Software
    Virtual Classroom

    Train a global audience by using just one centralized and secure online classroom platform.

  • Easily schedule Training Program with Distance Learning Software
    Easy Scheduling

    Easily schedule employee training programs for learners distributed in different geographies.

  • Anytime, Anywhere Learning with Best Online Distance Learning Software
    Anytime, Anywhere Learning

    Allow employees to take courses and tests at home or any other place they choose.

  • Online Distance Learning Software with Multilingual Support
    Multilingual Support

    Cater to different linguistic regions through localization with 70+ world languages.

  • Easy Course Updates with Distance Learning
    Easy Course Updates

    Continuously update content to reflect new developments in the field or to stay compliant with laws & regulations.

  • Knowledge Measurement with Distance Learning Platform
    Knowledge Measurement

    Add interactive quizzes to measure memory, and surveys and polls to gather user feedback.

  • Distance Learning Programs Reminders

    Meet training compliance by sending out reminders about a course due date or certificate expiration date.

  • Distance Learning Solutions for Automated Grading
    Automated Grading

    Forget endless paperwork and start leveraging the automatic grading system for online training.

  • Distance Learning  Completion Certificates
    Completion Certificates

    Reward learners with customized certificates & validate successful completion of training.


  • Painless to execute an exam to several 100 global employees!
    ProProfs does what it advertises. It was painless to generate and execute an exam to several 100 global employees. A valuable side benefit was the ability to quickly have insight into questions that were causing the most problems.
    Brenda Kesler
    Brenda Kesler,

    Ph.D. Business Development Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • A great tool with a tremendous capacity!
    I witnessed remarkable improvement in the way my students study with these tools. ProProfs Training Maker simplifies and speeds up how I prepare my lessons and tests at home. Likewise, my students can now solve tests at home without any particular problem. With quizzes, I am now able to assess the learning gaps of my students and bridge them.
    Ali A. Habib
    Ali A. Habib,

    Tutor at Jaber Bin Hayan Primary Boys School, Bahrain

  • It is revolutionary. Automatic grading saves tons of time.
    I am a national certified continuing education provider for massage therapy and I love ProProfs because it enables me to respond immediately with constructive feedback for both my students and myself. This program is revolutionary for both the teacher and the student by providing valid feedback for knowledge gained. It has made my life a lot easier!
    Stacy Potter
    Stacy Potter,

    National Certified Continuing Education Provider for Massage Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is distance learning?

Distance learning, also known as remote learning or simply eLearning, is learning that takes place virtually without the physical presence of participants in a classroom. A good example of this is learning during the coronavirus pandemic. People are either attending online classes or training from their home in self-quarantine. Distance learning relies on platforms such as a learning management system (LMS), virtual classroom, and video conferencing. Here’s a quick video on What is eLearning and How Can It Help You?

What are the types of distance learning?

There are five different types of distance learning. They are Synchronous, Asynchronous, Hybrid (Synchronous + Asynchronous), Open Schedule, and Fixed Time.

What are the benefits of online distance learning programs?

Distance or remote learning offers several significant benefits. It is easily accessible on literally any popular devices. It easily fits into your busy schedules, both professional and personal. Generally, you can choose your own pace of learning at a convenient time and place. It is time-saving as you can take short lessons, quizzes, and tests while standing in queues or at a traffic halt.

How do I set up remote learning?

Setting up a remote learning system is easy with the right online platforms. One such tool is virtual classrooms. All you have to do is add users, create groups and sub-groups, designate learning paths, assign courses, and track progress. You can get the system up and running in minutes for your remote education programs. To find out the steps, watch this video How to Set Up Your Virtual Classroom in 5 Minutes

What are the best remote learning tools?

There are many. A quality remote learning software is characterized by certain unique features. They are user-friendly, compatible with most devices, usually cloud-hosted, provide online classrooms, facilitate effective collaboration, and support reporting. Moreover, they integrate seamlessly with a number of other productivity tools, thereby boosting the functionality. To simplify your search, watch this video guide on How to Choose the Best SaaS LMS

Awards & Press

Winner: Best eLearning Software for Employee Training, Hermes Creative Awards
Winner: Best eLearning Software for Employee Training, Hermes Creative Awards
Winner: Bronze Stevie, American Business Awards
Winner: Bronze Stevie, American Business Awards
Winner: Great User Experience,
Winner: Great User Experience,
Winner: Gold, Brandon Hall Excellence Awards
Winner: Gold, Brandon Hall Excellence Awards
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Winner: Best Corporate Training Software, MarCom Awards
Ranked: Top 20 Health & Safety Training Companies, Training Industry
Ranked: Top 20 Health & Safety Training Companies, Training Industry
Ranked: Top 20 Learning Management System (LMS) Products, 2020 by Crozdesk
Ranked: Top 20 Learning Management System (LMS) Products, 2020 by Crozdesk
Top 11 Online Training Software for 2020 by Softwareworld
Top 11 Online Training Software for 2020 by Softwareworld

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