What is the best remote training tool to use at this time?

Physical distance necessitated by the COVID-19 crisis is no longer a challenge when it comes to training and learning. Some of the best remote training software applications enable you to take corporate training to the doorsteps of employees. Intriguing features in these platforms such as virtual classrooms, video-conferencing, phone-in, screen sharing, and other collaborative tools can help you easily implement your training strategy.

The present coronavirus pandemic is the biggest health challenge facing humanity in decades. It has disrupted our daily routines, both professional and personal, with lockdowns and self-quarantines.

According to the latest survey by the American think tank Pew Research Center:

  • 4 out of 10 adults in the U.S. report working from home
  • Nearly 9 out of 10 U.S. adults say their personal life has changed
  • 59% of the citizens have scaled back attending religious services

While some startups are resorting to pay cuts and layoffs to counter the after-effect of the deadly virus outbreak, most businesses that have seen economic downtime and losses are not yet ready to take things lying down. One such area where they feel the need to maintain continuity is employee learning & development where the question that arises is - “How To Manage a Remote Team”

Well, there’s an excellent way to face this challenge.

With‌ ‌100%‌ ‌of‌ ‌the‌ ‌workforce‌ ‌pushed‌ ‌indoors,‌ ‌the‌ ‌best‌ ‌way‌ ‌to‌ ‌conduct‌ ‌training‌ ‌for‌ new‌ ‌and‌ ‌existing‌ ‌workforce‌ ‌is‌ ‌to‌ ‌turn‌ ‌to‌ ‌remote‌ ‌training‌ ‌tools.‌

If you too are looking to adopt such a platform for distance education of your employees, the following list of 10 best remote training tools will prove helpful. Take a look.

1.ProProfs Virtual Classroom Software

ProProfs Virtual Classroom Remote Training Software

ProProfs Virtual Classroom Software is a cloud-based application and one of the top online training tools. It supports anytime, anywhere learning, making it one of the best remote training tools available today. Using it, you can administer any number of learners, individually or in groups.

The tool offers a large data storage capacity where you can store all your training resources easily. ProProfs enables self-enrollment and provides a complete learning management system (LMS) package in the form of a self-help knowledge base, quizzes, surveys, and an online project management tool.


✓   Courseware Development Tool

Create online courses, tests, and lessons. Add quizzes, surveys, videos, and presentations. Use existing content or choose from the ProProfs course library.

✓   User Administration

Easily manage learners of any class size. Create multiple classrooms, group learners by course or location, and assign them courses.

✓   Self-Help

Provide a self-help or self-service system within the online classroom. Let your learners find the information they need by themselves. Integrate a knowledge base of FAQs, manuals, and help centers.

✓   Reporting

Get insightful reports and statistics on each individual learner or group. Use the data to continuously improve participation, engagement level, and course quality.

Free Trial:15 days


iSpring Web-Based Training Tool

Generally, software users know iSpring as a PowerPoint-based eLearning authoring toolkit. But it goes far beyond that definition. With compelling features such as mobile learning, webinars, and PowerPoint to HTML5 or PowerPoint to video conversion, it is a tool worth considering for remote training programs. The tool facilitates training on the go, helps you manage web-based training easily, and delivers it across all devices.


✓   Fast Authoring

Take advantage of rapid and user‑friendly eLearning toolkits to create courses, record narrations, and publish them online. No need for prior experience in development.

✓   PowerPoint Integration

iSpring supports PowerPoint features including buttons, hyperlinks, styles, and transitions, You can either reuse your existing presentations or create new ones from scratch using all PowerPoint effects.

✓   Characters & Role-Plays

Pick a character and location from the iSpring library or simply upload your own. Easily develop interactive role-plays and create a scenario for interactions between the character and your employees.

✓   Assessment Tools

Create interactive quizzes with the built-in QuizMaker. Leverage 14 question types, drag-and-drop questions, and grouping & randomization.

Pricing: Starts @ $770/user/year


ezTalks Web-Conferencing Remote Tool

ezTalks is a provider of one-stop video-conferencing solutions. It offers an amazing range of web-conferencing hardware and services for rich collaborative learning experiences. Online business meetings or educational meetings become a breeze with audiovisual support for communication with remote teams.

Recently, Capterra named ezTalks as one of the top 20 most popular web-conferencing software.


✓   Live Webinars

Schedule and host live webinars with an audience of thousands at a time. Run a webinar anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Know your webinar performance through detailed reports that this remote training software provides.

✓   Meetings

Easily arrange meetings with your employees. Join team meetings through a phone-in. Manage participants with full control using multiple rooms such as lock-room, kick-out or mute-all.

✓   Room Solution

Use conference rooms of different sizes depending on the number of participants. These room software tools are compatible with popular collaborative tools including, GoToMeeting and Skype for Business. They are easy to configure and support multiple screens, wireless content sharing, and more.

✓   Interactive Whiteboards

Leverage interactive training technology in the form of whiteboards. Visualize and brainstorm ideas together for faster decision-making. Increase the engagement level of your employees and facilitate better communication.

Pricing: Starts @ $10/host/month


 WizIQ Training Software For Employees

WizIQ is an easy-to-use cloud-based platform for high-impact teaching and training. Its WebRTC-based HTML5 virtual classroom system makes it easy to deliver online training modules to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

One of the best web-based training tools, WizIQ can be used to train not only employees but also channel partners, vendors, and even customers remotely. High-definition video-conferencing, interactive whiteboard, an integrated library, and a bunch of other essential features accompany this online classroom.


✓   Online Course Creation

WizIQ helps you create interactive online courses, but it doesn’t stop there. It further allows you to structure, brand, and upload the courses easily. You can create, share, and sell online courses from a single platform.

✓   Mobile Learning

Let your learners access dynamic digital content on the go with mLearning solution. It works perfectly on both Android and iOS devices. Grow your learner base through higher reach that mLearning makes possible.

✓   Webinars

Plan, schedule, host, and monitor webinar sessions from one place. Integrate WizIQ webinar software easily with your LMS or website and go live in minutes. Record live webinars and share them with learners.

✓   Testing & Assessment

Create online tests using WizIQ test creator. Choose from a variety of question types that only a few remote training tools offer. Assess learning progress easily. Prevent cheating by setting time limits and providing invite-only access.

Pricing: Pricing available on request


Zoom Online Remote Training Software

Zoom is one of the best video conferencing tools to keep you connected with your remote employees. It offers group chat, online meeting, and web-conferencing solutions across all popular devices and operating platforms.

The software promises consistent experience in all use cases as it has been engineered to work reliably for all. It is easy to use and easy to scale.


✓   Video Webinars

The webinar solution from Zoom can help you reach more users and grow your business. Enable on-demand viewing of recorded sessions in high-definition audiovisual. Leverage a range of control systems designed for hosting an enhanced experience.

✓   Meetings & Chats

Engage in real-time meetings and messaging with team members. Secure meetings with password protection and other measures. Allow simultaneous screen-sharing by multiple participants and an addition of explanatory notes and comments.

✓   Cloud Phone System

This is a powerful and flexible phone call conferencing system for enterprises. Make or receive calls seamlessly. Convert phone calls to meetings easily. Retain your current PSTN service provider in any country.

✓   Rooms & Workspaces

Zoom rooms are optimized for modern users. These rooms address the common pain points of a conference room - booking an online meeting, starting a meeting, and sharing relevant content. Use up to 12 whiteboards at a time to add interactivity to sessions.

Pricing: Starts @ $14.99/host/month


TalentLMS Cloud-Based LMS for Remote Training

TalentLMS is a cloud-based and award-winning learning management system. It makes an ideal solution for training both in-house and remote employees. Even people with zero experience can use the tool easily.

You can achieve not only faster training but consistency in them by using this software application. As a lean remote training tool, TalentLMS offers the most efficient and hassle-free learning experience.


✓   Content Builder

Develop online training courses using one of the best training development tools. Reuse existing resources or source content from the Internet. Upload presentations, videos, and PDFs along with the courses.

✓   Learning Delivery

Use the blended learning method to train learners. Add gamified elements to make your courses and tests more exciting. Videoconferencing and messaging tools facilitate seamless communications.

✓   SCORM and xAPI

The software supports the latest industry standards in terms of content interoperability. It allows you to use SCORM 1.2, xAPI, and cmi5 content to enhance user experience and make training more engaging.

✓   Multilingual Support

Localization of employee training becomes easy with the multilingual feature in TalentLMS. Cater to a global audience in different linguistic regions. Never let language become a barrier in learning & development.

Pricing: Starts @ $59/up to 40 users/month


Looop Remote Assistance Tool

Tired of software applications that over-promise and under-deliver? Looop can be an amazing tool in your online learning ecosystem. It enables you to focus on things that matter most to your business - employees.

Remove the redundancies and bells and whistles that you find in most LMSs today and get down to solving real problems. Embed learning in the flow of work so that learners don’t pause work to learn.


✓   Mobile-Ready

Looop is completely mobile-friendly and supports seamless delivery of training material. Your learners can easily use it on their personal mobile devices on the go.

✓   Quizzes & Workbooks

Add an unlimited number of quizzes, tests, questionnaires, and workbooks to courses. Customize them as per the learning needs of each group. Continuously challenge your learners.

✓   Secure Cloud Hosting

Looop uses a secure cloud hosting system. Automatic backup in the cloud ensures data is backed up every day using a secure SSL. No question of downtime due to possible hardware failures.

✓   Real-Time User Tracking

Keep track of training compliance by remote employees. Don’t be led by out of sight, out of mind mindset. Get access to actionable insights. Find out what works and change what doesn’t.

Pricing: Starts @ $299/up to 50 users/month


Clickup Remote Training Tool

ClickUp is a cloud-based project management and team collaboration tool designed for businesses of all sizes. This all-in-one toolkit eliminates the need to use separate applications for employee training or retraining purposes.

Time tracking, goal tracking, screenshot & video capturing, reminder, and chat services are a few of the highlights of this tool. It ensures that you streamline all your projects for successful completion.


✓   Task Management

Organize tasks and make changes to them easily. Choose your favorite default view, enable filtered search, use task tray, reorder tasks through drag-and-drop, and do a host of other things.

✓   Team Collaboration

Make sure your team stays productive by leveraging a variety of collaborative tools from ClickUp. Be notified through real-time syncing whenever someone makes a comment or edits something in the project.

✓   Customization

Manage projects the way you want. Add custom fields, task statuses, and tags. Customize project notifications to choose what you receive, when, and where. This remote training software for employees lets you do all of it.

✓   Integrations

The ClickUp platform was designed keeping the future in mind. It boasts of releasing one new integration every week. Users can connect with their favorite productivity tools within the platform natively.

Pricing: Starts @ $5/user/month

9.G Suite

G Suite  Online Collaboration Remote Tool

G Suite is a suite of collaborative and productive tools from Google. It makes working together a lot easier. Collaborate in real-time, store and share files, and secure your devices and data. It allows administrators to control user access and security settings.

Those who prefer to work out of the cloud as opposed to relying on desktop solutions and local, on-premise storage will find G Suite useful.


✓   Content Creation

Produce in one place everything you need to kick-start your project. Easily create docs, slides, sheets, surveys, forms, and more.

✓   Accessibility

Store training-related data in Google Drive and find them on-demand via Google Cloud Search. Secure how you store and share files.

✓   Connectivity

A must-have feature in all remote training tools. Reach out and connect with your remote employees wherever they are in the world. Use Gmail and Hangouts for mails and chats as well as Calendar for easy event scheduling.

✓   Security Control

Manage users, devices, and security settings. Deploy endpoint management to secure data. Centrally manage all security setups by leveraging advanced protection programs.

Pricing: Starts @ $1.64/user/month

10.Zoho ShowTime

Zoho Interactive Training Tool

Zoho ShowTime is a comprehensive platform to deploy and manage online employee training. Independent trainers, training agencies, HR, and training departments use it. They find it to be an excellent tool to connect and engage with training participants effectively.

It is an all-in-one and learner-centric solution that can be every user’s training assistant.


✓   On-Demand Training

Upload training material and let your learners access them at their preferred time, place, and pace. Allow them to engage in asynchronous training sessions.

✓   Multiple Trainers

Add as many trainers as you want to your training programs. They will serve as your co-trainers or co-presenters and let you go off the need to multitask yourself.

✓   Whiteboards

Make remote training visually engaging with interactive whiteboards. Use them to break down a complex idea, illustrate an example, or simply draw a flowchart.

✓   Evaluation & Assessment

Assess your trainees at the end of each training session to understand the impact of learning. Gauge their awareness of a subject and what they think of your training program. You can even gather feedback from customers via surveys, for example, after a product demo.

Pricing: Starts @ $6.55/user/month

Is the Lack of Remote Training Tools Bothering You?

  • These 10 best remote support tools or training software can certainly be a wise choice for your business continuity plan.
  • Don’t let the challenges of remote working get the better of you. Crisis or no crisis, continue to deliver employee training in the best possible way.
  • In case you’re still unsure which one is the best fit for you, don’t worry. We’re here to help you with the best virtual classroom software.
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