How to Know Which Employee Training Software is Best for Me?

It depends on your specific learning & development needs and the type of audience. Many users, however, select employee training software based on a simple criteria. The tool should be easy to use, flexible, scalable, and competitively priced. Preferably, it should provide complete training solution covering the entire lifecycle.

Whether you're training just 10 learners or 500 learners, you always feel the need for consistent learning. This is especially true when you have geographically dispersed teams.

In addition, learning outcomes should be measurable so that you can make correct learning & development decisions.

This leads you to employee training software. Generally, these tools are flexible, scalable, and efficient. They let you take full control of online training.

Reduced training time, improved communication, and better engagement are other significant advantages.

If you’re yet to switch to such online training platforms, you’d probably want to know some of the top ones available on the market.

To make your search easier, we present this roundup of the best employee training software.

Keep reading to find out.

10 Best Employee Training Software
Best For
  • Easy course creation
  • Virtual classroom software
  • Quizzes & surveys
  • Customization
  • Collaborative learning
  • Reports & analytics
  • Selling courses
  • Holistic enterprise learning
  • Compliance training
  • Content marketplace
  • Data-guided decision-making
  • Certification & retraining
  • Quick implementation
  • Creating online courses
  • Scalable learning
  • Tracking & feedback
  • Gamification
  • Fast setup & deployment
  • Course management
  • Virtual training
  • Task automation
  • White-labeling
  • Simple interface
  • Mobile learning
  • Surveys
  • Integrations
  • Learner experience
  • Intuitive UI
  • Content management
  • Customization
  • Advanced analytics
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Smart administration
  • Machine learning
  • Content libraries
  • Integrations
  • Learner engagement
  • Course authoring
  • Branding
  • Virtual classroom
  • Personalized learner portals
  • Incredible support
  • Authoring tool
  • Quiz templates
  • Learner data
  • Easy administration
  • Custom certificates
  • Configurable interface
  • Social learning
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Built-in messaging system
  • Automated reporting

Let’s now take a look at these online employee training software individually, including features, pricing, and why you should consider using them.

Top 10 Employee Training Software

1.ProProfs LMS

ProProfs Employee Training Software

ProProfs LMS is the world’s simplest employee training software. As a cloud-based enterprise application software, it covers all the bases for corporate training - from course creation to designing, sharing, tracking, and reporting.

It is a learner-centric platform that lets you deliver positive learning experiences. A centralized virtual classroom, a huge course library, testing & assessment tools, and collaborative learning make ProProfs a complete online training solution. It is also one of the most used and recommended remote training tools today.


✓   Course Builder

Develop online training courses for employees easily and quickly. Use existing materials or start from scratch.

✓    Course Library

Utilize a well-stocked library of 100+ professionally designed and customizable courses and templates.

✓   Virtual Classroom

Set up your own online classroom and administer learners, assign courses, make announcements, and more.

✓   Collaboration Tool

Leverage the Q&A-based forum to build an online community of learners and facilitate shared learning.

✓   Quizzes & Surveys

Assess knowledge retention and gather feedback through a variety of quizzes and surveys.

✓   Learner Experience

Provide seamless learning experiences with self-paced learning, multilingual support, course announcements, etc.

✓   Branding

Create, share, and sell courses under your own brand. Add custom logo, colors, themes, and messaging.

✓   eCommerce

Sell courses easily on ProProfs Store, your website, or any third-party site. Use secure payment gateways for hassle-free transactions.

✓   Reporting

Get an overview of auto-generated reports & analytics on each learner’s progress, knowledge gaps, and engagement level.

Free Trial:Yes, for 15 Days.

Why Use ProProfs LMS?

  • Intuitive

    It is easy to understand and use. Only a minimal learning curve. No special technical expertise needed.

  • Highly Customizable

    100+ settings and configurations to use the tool as you want it to meet your specific L&D needs.

  • Huge Library

    It offers a well-stocked library of 100+ ready-to-use and customizable courses on various topics.

  • Trusted by Millions

    The tool boasts millions of users, including big brands, in more than 150 countries.


Docebo Online Employee Training

Docebo is a cloud-based employee training platform powered by artificial intelligence. You can use it for corporate training. It is easy to use as it’s been designed, keeping in mind the learning experience of employees, customers, and partners.

Branding, localization, social learning, mobility, and scalability are some of the compelling features that you can expect. The tool scores high in terms of usability, customer satisfaction, and the likelihood to recommend.


✓   Content Marketplace

Leverage one of the biggest online marketplaces for courses from the world’s leading content providers.

✓   White-Labeling

Add custom branding for a unique learning experience with your employee training software. Create an identity of your own.

✓   Gamification

Take your training to the next level with engaging gamification. Double the course completion rates and increase knowledge retention.

✓   Advanced Reporting

Track and measure training progress with robust reporting tools. Use configurable dashboards for a glance at all training-related activities.

Pricing:Available on request.

Why Use Docebo?

  • Quick Implementation

    It is easy and fast to implement. Being a cloud-based solution, it requires no software installation.

  • Customization

    Customize the layout of the LMS and create personalized dashboards for different groups of users.

  • Easy File Conversion

    It is easy to not only upload files such as presentations and videos but also convert PDFs and ODPs to slides and snapshots.

  • Powerful Integrations

    Boost the power of the software through various add-ons, both free and paid. Find your favorite apps to integrate from Docebo’s apps marketplace.

3.SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos Employee Training Tracking Software

SAP Litmos is one of the best employee training software solutions for today’s progressive workplaces. It is just what you need to deliver a methodical employee training plan. Deliver relevant training programs quickly using this tool that comes with the utmost flexibility, mobility, and integrations.

The application was built by experts keeping successful skill development in mind. Learners can access it from any device. This corporate training software supports millions of users in 130 countries in more than 24 languages.


✓   Rapid Implementation

SAP Litmos deploys in a matter of minutes. This remains true even when you integrate it with other systems, including CRMs and ERPs.

✓   Scalability & Flexibility

Train diverse and global workforces with the help of a solution that scales easily. Leverage flexibility in how you manage and deliver online learning programs.

✓   Gamification

Keep your trainees engaged and motivated with gamified learning. Offer points and badges for achievements. Facilitate healthy competition among teams.

✓   Tracking & Feedback

Easily track course completion and the ROI of your training efforts. Get regular feedback on course effectiveness and make necessary improvements.

Pricing:Available on request.

Why Use SAP Litmos?

  • Large Customer Base

    The employee training software is used by thousands of companies around the world, including in the U.S., U.K., and Europe.

  • Designed for Success

    It is user-centric and designed for successful workplace training. Faster time to value is a big plus that users get out of the tool.

  • Highly Secure

    Using the LMS is completely secure with password-protected accounts, including SSL. Complete data security guaranteed.

  • Works with Existing Systems

    Share information between Litmos and your other systems seamlessly using API.


TalentLMS Training Software For Employees

TalentLMS is an award-winning and cloud-based LMS that you can use as employee training software. It is simple, feature-rich, and effective. You can easily customize this tool to suit your eLearning environment.

The software application supports SCORM, Tin Can, gamification, video conferencing, and eCommerce. Besides supporting different types of online content, it offers robust reporting functionalities. All this makes it suitable for web-based employee training.


✓   Content Builder

Develop a variety of courses by reusing existing documents, presentations, and videos. You can also source materials online.

✓   Learning Paths

Decide how you want learners to access, view, and take a course. Set the rules for learning according to the pace of learners and achieve the results you expect.

✓   Assessment Engine

Administer tests, quizzes, and surveys easily. Auto-grade the assessments based on the criteria you set for the purpose of training and development.

✓   Security

Regardless of the security requirements of its clients, TalentLMS has got them covered. Keep all vulnerabilities at bay.

Pricing: Starts @ $59/month. Up to 40 users.

Why Use TalentLMS?

  • Responsive Design

    The tool’s interface fits readily on any popular device. It is retina ready and simple enough, even for non-tech savvy users.

  • Cloud Infrastructure

    TalentLMS is hosted exclusively on Amazon Web Services (AWS). You get the benefits of reliable data storage and regular backups.

  • Multilingual Support

    Available in 31 languages, the training software makes an ideal solution for training global teams.

  • Course Store

    Leverage an ever-growing collection of ready-made online courses suitable for various kinds of high-impact training programs for employees.


Learnupon Online Training Courses For Employees

Simple to use, scalable, and trusted by businesses worldwide, LearnUpon makes management and delivery of employee training easy. It facilitates high-quality learning experiences for consistent results. The software was designed particularly to help resolve the problems faced by large organizations during employee training.

As one of the leading enterprise training solutions, LearnUpon boasts thousands of customers, including over 4 million active users worldwide. It can boost your learning & development with its set of powerful tools and integrations.


✓   Course Management

Build diverse and engaging courses without technical expertise. Create modules by uploading existing materials rapidly for a dynamic learning experience.

✓   Branding

Customize the employee training software to reflect your brand’s unique look and feel. Add your logo, colors, and banners. It takes just a few minutes.

✓   Learning Portals

Create personalized portals and train different groups of learners in a unique environment. Set up portals whenever you need them.

✓   Exams & Surveys

Test knowledge retention and collect feedback using exams and tests. Choose from a range of question types.

Pricing:Starts @ $599/month. 50 active users, 1 portal.

Why Use LearnUpon?

  • Easy to Use

    Manage, deliver, and measure employee training super easily. Eliminate repetitive admin tasks from the process.

  • Mobility

    Train your learners using smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Enable anytime, anywhere learning.

  • Scheduled Reports

    Schedule training reports to be automatically sent to users, for example, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

  • Certification

    Automate every step of the certification process. Customize the certificates for branding purposes.


Skyprep Online Training Platform

SkyPrep is another award-winning and trusted employee training software on the market. Developing courses and testing knowledge is easier than you think with this tool in your hand. Plenty of options for customization gives a personalized feel to the training platform.

The application supports multiple languages, including English, French, Chinese, and Hindi. This makes it suitable for online training programs for employees on a global scale. Good customer support is another strong point that users associate with this tool. SkyPrep believes in delivering an LMS without a mess.


✓   Course Management

Create employee training courses in minutes and upload any type of files. Bundle the courses together to build learning paths. Also create auto-graded tests and surveys.

✓   Customization

Tailor the training platform in tune with your company’s identity. Use a custom logo, colors, emails, and domain.

✓   Integrations

Easily integrate SkyPrep with the tools that you are already using, for example, Zoom, PayPal, and Stripe. Give a boost to employee training through integrated solutions.

✓   Advanced Analytics

Keep track of training using robust reporting and analytics tools. Create visual reports to ensure ongoing compliance.

Pricing: Starts @ $199/100 users/month.

Why Use SkyPrep?

  • Trusted By Many

    More than 250,000 people and over 500 companies use the software. 850k+ courses delivered so far.

  • Intuitive

    An easy-to-use platform means a lesser learning curve, faster training, and greater productivity.

  • Completely Secure

    Enterprise-grade security ensures secure data storage and backup. It uses SSL-certified cloud infrastructure.

  • Learner Engagement

    Use game elements to deliver engaging learning experiences. Award badges, scores, and points on successful completion of training.

7.Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS Employee Training Online

If you want to accelerate employee training and prepare your workforce for the future, then look no further than AbsorbLMS. You can use it to deploy targeted training programs and overcome L&D challenges. It is a comprehensive solution designed to meet the demands of modern businesses.

You can get AbsorbLMS up and running quickly. It offers one of the best ways to streamline employee training and make the administration of training more efficient.


✓   Content Libraries

Access thousands of pre-built quality courses curated by the world’s top online content providers. Keep your employees’ knowledge and skill development current.

✓   Learner Experience

Create unique learning experiences for each group of learners. Let them learn using an intuitive and progressive LMS interface.

✓   Mobile App

Empower your learners to learn anytime, anywhere, both online and offline. Take advantage of uninterrupted learning that the mobile app offers.

✓   Reporting & Analytics

Make informed decisions through learning data. Measure your ROI on employee training with key insights. Keep all the information at your fingertips.

Pricing: Available on request.

Why Use AbsorbLMS?

  • Straightforward

    Creating online training content is simple. You can also easily edit published content whenever you want.

  • Adaptability

    The software is designed to be flexible enough so that it scales easily as your business grows. It adapts to your evolving training needs.

  • Personalized Learning

    Facilitate personalized learning experiences and address the unique learning needs of each individual or group.

  • Customer Support

    Get outstanding support whenever you need it. It is a part of the technological partnership with AbsorbLMS.


Tovuti Employee Training Management System

Tovuti is a cloud-based and all-in-one employee training management software. You can use it to create, deliver, and track online training and education. It is easy to use and robust at the same time.

Create different types of training modules, deploy them on desktop or mobile, hold videoconferencing-based live classes, and keep on adapting the tool to your changing needs. With Tovuti, you’ve got everything in one place.


✓   Course Authoring Tools

Create 40+ different types of content that are interactive, social, and gamified. No need to download and install additional programs.

✓   Media Library

The library offers a storehouse of employee handbooks, videos, technical documentation, and other files that your learners can access anytime.

✓   Lesson Gating

Make sure your learners take lessons in the correct order. Let them complete all the required tasks before they can proceed to the next.

✓   Communities

Build learners’ communities within Tovuti where they can interact socially and engage in meaningful discussions.

Pricing: Available on request.

Why Use Tovuti?

  • Comprehensive

    It provides end-to-end employee training solutions that users of all types need to deliver the best training programs for employees.

  • Engaging Experience

    Tools such as the virtual classroom are helpful in delivering engaging and effective learning experiences.

  • Ease of Administration

    Users can easily administer course content, learners, and events with just one platform.

  • Awesome Support

    Customer support is highly professional and cordial. It is always available to help you in your moments of need.


Coassemble Best Employee Training Programs

Coassemble is an LMS and employee training platform trusted by businesses and training organizations around the world. It offers you all the tools in one place to help consolidate online training for employees.

As an online staff training software driven by UX, Coassemble enables users to translate business knowledge into clear and concise wisdom. Add to this the human support that it provides to help customers overcome the challenges of workforce training & development.


✓   Authoring Tool

Administrators can create courses, lessons, and quizzes using the authoring tool. A total of 35 templates make building and publishing content easy.

✓   User Management

Enroll learners in a course and manage them efficiently. All you need to do is add the names and email addresses of the learners.

✓   Quiz Templates

The preloaded quiz templates are another great feature. They offer various question types, including multiple-choice and true and false.

✓   Assessment

Assess and grade learning outcomes with a robust assessment feature. Track performance with real-time analytics tools and view reports on a dashboard.

Pricing: Starts @ $249/month.

Why Use Coassemble?

  • Easy Course Creation

    Create online courses easily using simple drag and drop features. Share them with your learners, no matter where they are.

  • Ease of Edits & Updates

    Make live edits and updates to content. Tweak in one place and the content gets updated everywhere. No need for redeployment.

  • Works On Any Device

    The software works on all popular devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, which makes employee training online convenient.

  • Benefits of Real-Time Data

    Track learning progress in real-time. View visual reports on the percentage of course completed, time spent, etc.


Inquisiq Best Training Programs For Employees

Inquisiq is a web-based, highly configurable, and powerful learning platform. Small to mid-sized companies use it for corporate training programs. Its built-in eCommerce enables course creators to monetize their courses.

Like many other employee training software applications, Inquisiq is available across a range of devices. Reporting capabilities in the tool make it easy for instructors to keep track of learning progress minute by minute.


✓    Course Catalog

Create course catalogs and sub-catalogs. Organize them neatly so that learners can easily find and self-enroll in your courses.

✓   Customizable Dashboards

The user dashboards are easily customizable according to your roles, such as admins, instructors, and learners. Access in one place all the information that you often need.

✓   Localization Support

You can fully localize the training software with up to 14 different languages for your user interface, notifications, and other functionalities.

✓   SCORM-Compliance

Inquisiq is compatible with SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004. This facilitates easy interoperability with all online authoring tools and third-party course libraries.

Pricing: Starts @ $3,875/month. Up to 100 users.

Why Use Inquisiq?

  • Large Client Base

    Like other top providers of employee training software, Inquisiq enjoys a solid client base from industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, and government.

  • Highly Configurable

    You can easily configure the LMS according to your business’ training and learning needs.

  • Awesome UI

    A mobile-ready and skinnable user interface provides exceptional experiences to users.

  • Automation

    Inquisiq allows automation in enrollments, reporting, and email reminders, which saves users’ time.

Choose the Best LMS for Corporate Training

  • These are some of the best training tools for employees. They can help you simplify and standardize your training programs. To make sure you choose the right one, go for a free trial with a couple of them.
  • ProProfs LMS is the world’s simplest employee training software designed for businesses of all sizes and users of all skill levels. Using it, you can optimize workforce training and maximize productivity.
  • Take a quick tour or schedule a demo. Call us at (855) 776-7763 (toll-free).

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