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What is included in the course?

Enable Discussions Board in Own Courses

This course discusses a community-based Q&A platform where learners can engage in question & answer sessions to post updates, clarify doubts, etc. It also shows how you can enable discussions among learners so that they can connect without leaving their ProProfs classroom. You’ll learn that learners can access the Q&A from within a course.

Who is this course for?

Online Training Software

Anyone who is looking to encourage online learners to be more proactive during a training or eLearning program will find this course valuable. It is designed for those who need to implement social learning for more positive results. If you want your course participants to be interactive and collaborative, you’re looking at the right course.

Topics covered in the course

This course discusses how ProProfs Training Maker users can make it a learning-centric software platform by simply enabling discussions. You learn how to enable ProProfs Collaborate in Training Maker classroom, and how Discussions can be accessed from within a course.

Enable Learner Community in Your Course
Take Course

Course Outline

This free online course covers the following:
How to build a learning-focused Q&A community online
How learners can collaborate through Q&A
How to post a link to a course to facilitate participation in a thread
How to integrate Training Maker with Collaborate

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