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What is included in the course?

Online Classroom Software

In this course, you learn how you can add a knowledge base to your online classroom. Knowledge base acts as an instant self-self for learners. It could be FAQs, manuals, how-to videos, or do-it-yourself guides. You’ll learn how you can allow an internal knowledge base to accompany your online classroom.

Who is this course for?

Integrate Knowledge Base in Your Online Classroom

This course is designed for ProProfs Training Maker users to learn how to make information easily available for their learners. The course mentions easy steps to integrating FAQs with Training Maker. If you think you need to have a help site in place that your learners can turn to any time while taking your course, this course is meant for you.

Topics covered in the course

This course is concise - it starts out with some examples of online materials that you can use to build a knowledge base. Then it moves on to discuss how you can integrate Knowledge Base with Training Maker in an online classroom setting in a few easy steps.

Integrate FAQ in Your Online Classroom
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Course Outline

This free online course covers the following:
How to Add Knowledge Base to Your Online Classroom
  • FAQs, manuals, guides, and how-to videos
  • Knowledge Base integration steps

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