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Choose from a library of courses to help you become an expert in using and configuring ProProfs for your organization. We provide courses, certifications, and step-by-step help so you can create and configure powerful online training programs.

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How to Make an Online Course

This course walks you through how to create an online training course easily and put it online quickly like a pro. No software download and installation needed, no coding knowledge required.

How to Set Up an Online Classroom

This course takes you through the easy steps to setting up your online classroom with ProProfs Training Maker. Add, manage, and track learners and courses on one centralized platform.

How to Administer Training to Large Groups

This online course walks you through the process of deploying organizational training to large groups of learners at a time in easy steps. Manage group training using the world's simplest LMS software.

How to Add Knowledge Base to Your Online Classroom

This course runs you through the easy steps of integrating a knowledge base with your online classroom. Adding FAQs to your courses provides contextual information to learners whenever they need it.

How to Enable Collaboration & Discussions in Your Course

This course aims at helping you set up a collaborative online learning environment and achieve better outcomes. Build a learning-centric community of learners with ProProfs Training Maker in easy steps.

How to Add Media to Your Online Courses

This course gives a quick overview of how you can upload different learning materials such as images, videos, presentations, PDFs, quizzes, and surveys to your courses and make learning fun and engaging.

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