Healthcare Learning Management System

Track compliance and certification progress of new joinees with ProProfs Training Maker. Get access to important training data with advanced reports. Create engaging training modules for new joinees with authoring tools.

Hospitality Learning Management System

Provide new employees the best in class hospitality training with ProProfs. Create courses to train and evaluate the new employees. Make engaging courses with beautifully designed templates and save time on the training process.

Retail Learning Management System

The retail industry comprises an intricate network of franchisees, resellers, contract workers, business partners, and others. They need proper training to sustain the competitive sales market for a longer duration.

Manufacturing Learning Management System

Build creative and beautifully designed courses for improving manufacturing process with ProProfs Training Maker. Easily manage and assign roles to users and groups that helps you save time on administration overheads.

Education Learning Management System

The education industry comprises of teachers, trainers or mentors, and not just students. The former need proper guidance and adequate training to develop interpersonal, collaborative and presentation skills for handling stressful situations.

Technology Learning Management System

Modern technology is highly volatile and unpredictable. Continuous training and development program can keep a person updated with the rapid changes and stay abreast with the latest technologies in the market.

Finance Learning Management System

Financial service providers and advisors study the market trends before undertaking any game-changing financial decisions. Proper training can guide them onto the right path and teach essential skills including topics such as Compliance and Risk. .