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Promote communication and healthy work practices with online custom workplace training courses

Provide your employees with all the knowledge, skills and support required to perform safely at workplace with a range of online workplace training courses by ProProfs. Developed by the industry experts, these highly engaging, flexible and cost effective courses can be customized befitting your specific training needs and requirements like health and safety, employee code of conduct and communication.

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Learn Accidental Investigation Techniques

Accident Investigation Training Course

Train your employees on workplace accident investigation techniques, common causes, and preventive measures. Make the workplace safe for everyone.

Promote Hazard Free Environment at the Workplace

Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment Training

Hazard Identification Training Course is designed to provide safety committee members or other EHS employees with the knowledge.

Transform Workplace into a Communication Hub

Workplace Communication Training Course for Employees

Sometimes the difference between a 'good and bad job', 'good and bad workplace', 'good and bad results', and 'positive and negative morale'.


Boost Motivation Through Persuasion

Influence and Persuasion Training Course

One of the most important tools that you can possess is the ability to persuade. The power of persuasion is of extraordinary.

Improve Your Negotiating Skills, Get Happy Employees

Negotiation Skills Training Course

Take this online negotiation skills training course to learn how to make your way through negotiations. Pick up business negotiation skills to influence people and get things done.


Know About Your Employees' Behavioural Patterns

High Performance Habits Training

Now that you have learned about your 7 behavior patterns of successful professionals that should be followed.


Analyze Information, Decide, Act, Win

Analytical Skills Training Course

With the internet, television, radio, print and other media, people are bombarded by information and news unlike any other time.


Foster Positive Work Culture, Enhance Productivity

Workplace Productivity Training

Effective and successful professionals recognize and embrace the importance of productivity in the workplace.


Implement an Effective Workforce Ethics

Ethics Training in the Workplace

Workplace Ethics Training Course provides employees and management personnel with an understanding of the relevance.


Manage Conflicts in Multigeneration Workforce

Workplace Conflict Resolution Training

Managing and resolving conflicts that arise in the workplace is one of the biggest challenges managers and employees face.

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