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Know how to become a good interviewer

Interview Skills

Understanding how to effectively interview is key to finding the right candidate to fill your open position. This training will provide you the foundation to become a great interviewer.


Learn the basics of direct and indirect compensation

Introduction to Compensation and Benefits

Employers pay wages, known as direct compensation, to employees for work performed. Additionally, employers may choose to offer an indirect, non-cash form of compensation called benefits. In this training, we


Make a competitive job offer

Making a Job Offer

Congratulations! You have found a great candidate to fill your open position. All of the hard work is over. Not quite yet. Between finding the right candidate for your job and having that person start work is t


Monitor employee performance

Performance Management

This course provides an overview of employee performance management. The material covers the annual performance management cycle, managing performance problems, and employee development.


Provide a smooth onboarding experience to new employees.

Employee On-boarding

This course provides an overview of employee on-boarding. The material covers key milestones of an on-boarding program along with identification of key participants, tools, and resources.


Evaluate employees on their knowledge and skills

How to Select New Employees

This course is designed to guide a hiring manager through a typical employee selection process.

Disable all Discrimination, Enable Equality

Hiring and ADA Compliance Training

Train your HR, management, and recruiters on ADA. Build an inclusive workplace free of discrimination and accessible to people with disabilities.


Track Employee Performance with Ease

Balanced Scorecard Training Course

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a strategic management tool developed in 1992 by Robert Kaplan and David Norton.


Learn the Art of Choosing the Right Candidate

Interviewing Skills Training

This Interviewing Skills Training course provides employees and management personnel with basic skills necessary for hiring.


Terminate Without Breaking the Employee's Spirits

Terminating the Employment Relationship

Terminating an employee can be a tough job. Learn what is the best way to terminate an employee as a manager.


Learn How to be the New Boss

Management Skills Training Course

Management is a critical part of any business and joining the ranks of the management team requires a new set of skills.

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