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What is included in the course?

HIPAA Course

The HIPAA course includes everything you need to know about the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act as a person or an organization working in the health care industry. It defines the legal requirements and explains covered entities, business associates, group health plans, plan sponsors, and more. At the end of each course chapter, you’ll get to test the knowledge retention of your learners with quizzes.

Who is this course for?

Hipaa Training Course for Employees

Any individual or organization who works in the health care industry and who has access to protected health information can take this course. They may include health care providers, health insurance companies, and health care clearinghouses. The course is designed for those with zero understanding of HIPAA and HITECH and who want to become familiar with them and other related areas.

Topics covered in the course

This online course covers HIPAA and HITECH regulations, privacy and security rules, and violations. It also discusses HIPAA covered entities, business associates, subcontractors, group health plans, and self-insured plan sponsors. Finally, it concludes by discussing the changes to the HIPAA Final Rule.

Hipaa and Hitech Regulations
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Course Outline

This online HIPAA compliance training course covers the following:

#1   Introduction to HIPAA and HITECH
  • HIPAA and Patients
  • The 5 Rules of HIPAA
  • The Privacy Rule
  • Privacy Rule Forms
  • HIPAA Violations
  • The Security Rule
  • 3 Aspects of Security
  • Security Notes
  • The Transaction Rules
  • Medical Data Code Sets and HIPAA
  • HIPAA Specific Code Sets
  • The Identifier’s Rule
  • HIPAA Regulation Identifiers
  • The Enforcement Rule
  • HIPAA and the HITECH Act
  • HITECH and HIPAA Regulations
  • The HIPAA Song!
  • Test Your Knowledge
#2   Covered Entities
  • HIPAA Covered Entities
  • Health Care Providers
  • Health Plans
  • Health Care Clearinghouse
  • Administrative Requirements
  • Test Your Knowledge
#3   Business Associates
  • HIPAA Business Associate Defined
  • HIPAA Subcontractors
  • HITECH Impact
  • Test Your Knowledge
#4   Group Health Plan and Plan Sponsors
  • Important Notice…
  • Fully Insured & Self-Funded Plans
  • Group Health Plans
  • Compliance
  • Restrictions
  • HIPAA Impact on Self-Insured Plan Sponsors
  • Business Associate Agreements
  • Privacy Notice
  • Participant’s Rights
  • Disclosure of PHI
  • Administrative Requirements
  • Impact on Fully Insured Sponsors
  • HITECH Impact
  • HITECH Impact Modified Breach Notification Rules
  • Modified Breach Notification Rules 4 Factors
  • Modified Breach Notification Rules and Data Sets
  • Modifications to Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Test Your Knowledge
#5   Additional Changes Pursuant to the Final Rule
  • Research Projects
  • Disclosure
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Financial Remuneration
  • GINA (Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act)
  • Test Your Knowledge
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