NMEA 2000 Networking Course


NMEA 2000 Important Course Information

  • This extensive training class usually takes students 4 to 6 hours to complete
  • This is the same training material that is taught in our classroom session
  • There are roughly 140 PowerPoint slides which you can download and keep at the end
  • You can save your progress by clicking save in the top right corner, then come back to complete if needed
  • Skipping sections is not allowed

    Exam Rules
  • There is a 50 question test at the end of the course
  • 1 Hour time limit
  • Calculator can be used
  • Test Passing grade 80%
  • Test results will be available immediately
  • Total of 2 attempts to pass (1 re-take allowed after first failure)
  • A downloadable certificate will be awarded for passing grades of 80% or higher
  • NMEA members (or people who join as new members on the website) that take this course get the 0400 Installation Standard (320 page document) FREE after course completion. The NMEA staff will verify your membership and send you an electronic copy.
  • Non-NMEA members that take this course can purchase the 0400 Installation Standard at the price of $300. Please email [email protected] if you wish to purchase

This training is primarily targeted for the beginner or those who have been installing NMEA 2000® but would like more information, more clarity and an opportunity to share ideas with others who have installed NMEA 2000® networks. The course provides information beyond the NMEA 0400 Installation Standard or the MEI and Advanced MEI Training.

Topics include: cables, connectors, specifications, physical planning and documentation, power sources and distribution, voltage drop calculations, data messages (parameter group numbers), connecting to other data sources, network setup and troubleshooting.

You will take from this class the near-term and long-term benefits of NMEA 2000® certified equipment, accepted installation practices for NMEA 2000® backbone cablend products, including selection of cable, power application point, and alternatives that make it work best. You will also have sufficient working knowledge of NMEA 2000® so you can successfully troubleshoot problems when they arise and correctly identify/repair/replace the faulty device(s) or network cabling problems. This is not intended to teach programming nor to be training for manufacturing developers..

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