iVend Retail Point of Sale - Support Technician

Online Training Program for Support Technician Certification

iVend Retail Point Of Sale – Support Technician

Suitable for Audiences: Support personal that are looking for an in-depth functional understanding of the iVend Retail POS software suite that also covers technical aspects of the solution.

Overview: This course is designed with the Support Technician’s role in mind for levels 1 and 2. Support staff are expected to demonstrate how quickly and effectively they can investigate, troubleshoot and resolve issues that may arise from the installation, initialisation, configuration and use of the iVend Retail Point of Sale software solution.

The aim of this course is to provide the Support Technician with a comprehensive online training program to cover the many aspects of the iVend Retail Point of Sale solution, including Systems Administration, Financials, Inventory, Daily Operations, Terminal POS, Mobile POS, Loyalty and Digital Passes. The course is designed to teach the intricacies of the iVend Retail application set including best business practices for implementing, initialising and configuring the full suite of solutions for iVend Retail Point of Sale. This course does not delve into aspects that are considered Level 3 support issues, which are deemed to be the reserve of the CitiXsys Development and Support teams.

A Support Technician needs to demonstrate that they have in-depth knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of the iVend Retail software and that they can quickly respond in providing solutions to the types of questions that can arise from the installation, initialisation, configuration and functional usages of the software. This training course is designed to fully equip the Support Technician with the skills they will need to attain this goal.

This training course will prepare you for the iVend Retail - Support Technician Certification examination.  

Training Prerequisites: None  


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