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To begin this course is to take a step towards improving your understanding of people, and with this understanding comes the opportunity to improve relationships with family members, co-workers, friends – or even to find that special someone.

Who Is This Training For?

This training has such a wide audience as it is written for anyone who interacts with another human being. It is designed for the salesperson who wants to improve their presentation, observe when to ask for the sale, come across more professionally and ultimately increase their sales. It is designed for the consumer who takes their car to the garage to get a quote, who is looking to buy their first home, and for those who want to know if that is the best price they can get. It is designed for the business owner and manager who look after staff, for the recruiter and interviewer who must stay alert for false statements, for the negotiator, and the loan officer discussing applications. This course is for the couple who want to improve their communication, the woman wanting to make a good impression on her first date, the mother wanting to understand her children and the son wanting to make sure his parents are happy.     

This course is designed for you – as at some stage in your life – you will have to interact with people.

The training inside will teach you to evaluate your own body language and the messages you unconsciously send out, increase your confidence levels, improve rapport building skills and business relations, assess emotional states, become a better leader and motivator, plus you will learn some of the common body language myths and how to protect yourself from deception. I truly believe you'll gain a huge amount of life-long value from this training, and sincerely hope to work with you.

Stu Dunn - Founder SDL

Course  Objectives

  • Improve your ability to spot micro expressions.
  • Become much more aware of emotions around you - including your own - and improve your relationships in the process.
  • Find out what people are really saying with their gestures & body language, and learn what interpretations are myths.
  • Massively increase your Emotional Intelligence (Research carried out showed that 85% of financial success is due to skills they label under “human engineering" - which includes your personality, ability to communicate, negotiate, and lead - with only 15% of financial success being due to actual technical knowledge. Emotional intelligence alone has an impact on how successful people are in their careers, as reading emotional signals is an important part of building rapport and inter-personal communication.
  • Learn how to analyse deception through the five channels

Instructor Bio

Stu Dunn

Founder of SDL Behavioural Science Consultancy, FACS Certified, New Zealand's Micro Expressions, Body Language & Deception Detection Expert.

Becoming proficient with non verbal communication and teaching what I’ve learnt over the years has become an absolute passion of mine; starting with beginning the SDL Behavioural Science Facebook Page, then set up my first online course in 2011, and my first book on the subject True Lies, A Guide to Reading Faces, Interpreting Body Language & Detecting Deception in the Real World was published in 2013. 

During this time I’ve helped thousands of people around the world become proficient in reading body language, micro expressions and detecting deception – and I’d love to help you too.   

Here's a little about me:

I became the first Facial Action Coding System (FACS is the most detailed de-coding of the face, and universally recognized by psychologists and physiologists worldwide) Certified consultant in New Zealand, and continuing to study psychology, body language, micro expressions and FACS has helped me to become New Zealand's leading expert in this area. I was also one of the first in the world to achieve Master Level on Humintell's Mix Elite Micro Expressions software. 

I've worked with participants from New Zealand, Australia, United States, United Kingdom, India, Canada, Germany, Afghanistan, Portugal, Switzerland, Poland, Macedonia and Sri Lanka so far. This includes working with participants from the NZ Defence, IRD Fraud Investigators, Sri Lankan Customs, Homeland Security, Telecom NZ and Vodafone to name a few.

My main areas of expertise include: micro expressions, emotions and emotional surveillance, body language, deception, interviewing, training, business consulting, video analysis (evaluating truthfulness & credibility), FACS coding (videos, pictures and animation), sales training, assistance with criminal and private investigations.

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