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Interviewing And Hiring Practices

This Interviewing Skills Training course provides employees and management personnel with basic skills necessary for hiring the right employees for the job. Throughout the Interviewing training course, employees will become familiar with the best practices ranging from the importance of understanding job descriptions to extending an offer of employment to candidates with the right skills.

Upon completion of the Interviewing Skills Training course, employees should be able to confidently:
  • Understand the elements that influence the hiring process.
  • Determine the right type of interviewing style to use when interviewing candidates.
  • Prepare for and conduct a candidate interview.
  • Make a hiring decision and extend an offer of employment.

Interviewing and Hiring Practices for Supervisors is designed for employees and supervisors who are developing or honing their interviewing skills as well as those who are responsible for making company hiring decisions. The curriculum is drafted from a federal overview, thus it is important that employees completing the course follow up with their respective state’s laws related to interviewing and hiring to ensure compliance.

Due to state and federal laws related to discrimination and negligent hiring, it is highly recommended that any employee or member of management who is responsible for conducting an employment interview or making hiring decisions complete this course prior to engaging the process.
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