How to Use Self-Hypnosis to Reprogram the Mind

How to Use Self-Hypnosis to Program the Subconscious Mind

In this eCourse there are three audio collections from Serenity Creations eStore, along with various tips and tutorials for how to use self-hypnosis, the art of visualization, how to create and use powerful affirmations, and more in the online course.

It is designed to be accessible from all desktop and mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones. This is ideal since the use of headphones and earbuds  greatly enhances the benefits and effect of these audios. Not only that, but on your mobile device they can accompany you everywhere - even to bed at night so you can use them to drop off to a deep and restful sleep in a relaxed state.

A great way to use these audios is to put on your headphones or earbuds, settle back in an easy chair or in bed at night, and just listen while putting yourself in the imagery - smell the fragrances, hear the sounds, feel the textures and surfaces. Try it out with the Serenity Island MP3 below and let the repogramming begin. :)

Using Self-Hypnosis to Reprogram the Subconscious Mind Course Includes:
  • Tips for Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind
  • How to Use the Audios for Reprogramming
  • How to Create and Use Visualizations
  • How to Create and Use Powerful Affirmations
  • Subliminal Affirmations Self-Hypnosis Collection
  • Chill Series Self-Hypnosis Collection
  • Rise & Shine Self-Hypnosis Collection
  • Updates as New Titles and Programs are Added
  • Instant Access to Your Download Pages
Besides much needed healthy rest and relaxation, the programs also offer an opportunity for the listener to make use of visualization, affirmations, and metaphors to encourage the subconscious mind to access and activate internal resources that have been there all along — creativity, self-confidence, happy memories, energy, and pleasant emotional states such as joy to name a few. So, take a moment to think of the inner resources with which you’d like to connect before listening.

Subliminal Affirmations, Included Tracks:

  • Subliminal Assertiveness
  • Subliminal Anger Management
  • Subliminal Self-Confidence
  • Subliminal Self-Esteem
  • Subliminal Positivity & Optimism
  • Subliminal Wellness
  • Subliminal Procrastination
  • Subliminal Stress Management
  • Subliminal Worry, Anxiety, and Fear

Chill Series, Included Tracks:

  • Stress Buster
  • Sleep Induction
  • Intro to Meditation
  • Five Minute Focus
  • Centering Exercises
  • Body Relaxation
  • Beach Visualization
  • Reduce Stress

Rise & Shine Hypnosis, Included Tracks:
  • Reduce Stress
  • Self-Confidence
  • Stop Jealousy
  • Stop Smoking
  • Body Image
  • Study Habits

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