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Federal Sexual Harassment


Federal sexual harassment training course is designed for supervisors and managers in the United States who supervise any employees. Throughout the federal sexual harassment training, employees will become familiar with the nature of sexual harassment, avoiding sexual harassment, and properly managing situations in which sexual harassment has occurred.


Upon completion of the course, employees should be able to confidently:

  • Explain the primary laws which prohibit workplace harassment.

  • Define sexual harassment.

  • Describe the different types of sexual harassment.

  • List consequences of engaging in unlawful harassment.

  • Understand the protocol for addressing complaints.

  • Know how to prevent harassment.


It is illegal to harass an employee, applicant, or independent contractor because of sex, which includes gender, pregnancy, childbirth or gender-related appearance and/or behavior.


It is strongly recommended that all company supervisors and managers are trained within 6 months of joining the company and/or being promoted, and every two years thereafter. The course is two hours and was prepared by a lawyer qualified by the CA Bar Association.

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