Ethics Training in the Workplace

Build a Workforce With Strong Work Ethics

Workplace Ethics Training Course provides employees and management personnel with an understanding of the relevance and importance of business ethics in the workplace. Throughout the ethics in a workplace training course, individuals will be introduced to multiple environments and practices spanning general business to government.

Upon completion of the course, employees should be able to confidently:

  • Have an understanding of the importance of business ethics and a Code of Conduct in the workplace.
  • Distinguish appropriate from non-appropriate conduct related to business practices and relationships.
  • Understand the importance of ethics and responsibility when handling company resources.
  • Understand the relationship between laws and business ethics.
  • Have a basic understanding of how to handle unethical conduct and behaviour in the workplace.

Ethics and Code of Business Conduct are designed for all employees, from entry level to the executive office. The ethics in the workplace course is especially important for managers, human resources and legal professionals who are responsible for developing, fostering and managing ethical workplaces, policies and processes. It is also recommended due to the significant costs associated with litigating claims of corporate unethical conduct.

The curriculum is drafted from a federal overview, thus it is important that employees completing the workplace ethics training course follow up with their respective state’s laws related to their industry and practices.

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