A global leader in Olympiad exam preparation, Olympiad tester offers world-class online mock tests, sample question papers, practice tests, and Olympiad books. It has delivered 2 million+ online tests and worksheets for NCERT/CBSE and Olympiad exam preparation for Grade 1 to Grade 12 in Science, Math, English, Cyber, and General Knowledge.


There was an absence of a learning platform that supports different types of study material in one course.


All the products we wanted and then some more were available with ProProfs, which allowed us to easily create courses with a variety of study materials. Add to this the extraordinary support services. The customer support of ProProfs is outstanding. The team worked even late nights on weekends to fix our issues.


Thanks to ProProfs, we have been able to maintain our position as an undisputed leader in Olympiad exam preparation in the K-12 segment for the past three years.

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