I needed to facilitate my website for continuing education for massage therapists through tests. The testing format is similar to the state tests students must take to get the massage license and I needed a tool to make this happen.


ProProfs allowed me to create tests in the format that I needed to provide continuing education. The first feature I like about ProProfs is that the students get immediate results so they know how they did right away.

The tests are easy to link to the website. Also, I can get emails letting me know how the students are doing.

One of the main benefits is that I don't have to grade the test manually. This saves time and provides feedback to the students right away in a way that I am unable to do. This makes my website business so much easier to manage. I make sure they pass the tests and then generate the certificates after they have paid for the service. It is great!


I am a national certified continuing education provider for massage therapy and I love ProProfs because it enables me to respond immediately with constructive feedback for both my students and myself. This program is revolutionary for both the teacher and the student as it provides valid feedback for knowledge gained. It has made my life a lot easier!I have already recommended ProProfs to all of my colleagues and other teachers I know. It is absolutely, hands down the easiest, most efficient program I have ever used in my classroom. My students love it too.

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