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The Responsibility of Parenting

Objectives of this online lesson: At the end of this online course students should be able to: Discuss and define parenthood and what it means to be a parent...


Preview: LF Lessons Complete Course

LEARNING-FOCUSED Lessons LEARNING-FOCUSED Lessons is the clear choice when implementing lessons that integrate standards,research-based strategies, and exem...


The Rock Cycle

The concept of the rock cycle is attributed to James Hutton (1726—1797), the 18th-century founder of modern geology. The main idea is that rocks are continuall...


Interactive Online Course of Spanish - Level 1

The Spanish Course - Level 1 is addressed to beginning learners of Spanish. The main idea of this course is to help learners in the acquisition of Spanish by teachin...


Forensic Science 4-U: Module 3- Handwriting Analysis

MODULE 3: Handwriting Analysis This is the third lesson for the Forensic Science 4-U crime scene: The Case of the Ransom Note. This is Module 3 out of 10. ...


ESL Training for Adult Learners

Philosophy OIC recognizes the fact that literacy is the foundation for learning. Our goal is that all non-native speakers will achieve the goal of literacy to bec...


Agricultural & Development Training

The program is a split of a 40-hour work week between study and work on our Global Farm. This allows for first-hand experience in tropical agriculture and benefits f...


Algebra 2 Free tutorials

This interactive course will help you study and practice for your Algebra II class You will have a tutorial video followed by practice quizzes This study gui...


8th Grade Physical Science

Physical science – branch of natural science that studies non-living systems, in contrast to life science, for example biology. It in turn ...


Java Programming

                 USD 233 - OLATHE DISTRICT SCHOOLS Olathe South High School ...


Forensic Science 4-U: Module 2- Crime Scene Analysis

MODULE 2: Crime Scene Analysis This is the second lesson for the Forensic Science 4-U crime scene: The Case of the Ransom Note. This is Module 2 out of 10. Stu...

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