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LMS: Enabling Tailored Employee Training for Best Results

LMS Enabling Tailored Training

Employee training is indispensable for any organization, but the form of training you provide is more important than merely providing training. The trend with successful enterprises today is they are harnessing the power of modern technologies, electronic devices, and knowledge base to train employees for modern workplaces. Learner-centric training is the best way to fulfill the unique learning & development needs of each individual and in turn, attain successful business outcomes.

In such a situation, the importance of a learning management system (LMS) cannot be discounted. Using an LMS software, instructors can not only create customized modules on different topics to bridge the learning gaps of each learner, but they can also track and get instant reports on learning progress.

Continuing the discussion, this post takes a look at how LMS is enabling tailored training across businesses and helping them achieve strategic results.

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Convenient Training Delivery Model

LMS tools are primarily tech-enabled mechanisms for online training delivery that support both eLearning and blended learning. Today, most organizations work out of multiple offices spread across different geographies. Earlier, this spread out operation used to pose huge challenges in training such diverse employees, but thanks to SaaS-based employee training software, it is no longer an issue.

Characterized by the flexibility of time and place, advanced LMS offers the freedom of scheduling training as per the convenience of learners. This feature is helping in cases where setting aside a fixed amount of time each week for training is next to impossible for many organizations.

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Adaptive Learning for Engagement and Retention

LMS software ensures that trainees get the most out of every training by allowing them to govern their own learning. Through adaptive training, instructors can tailor courses keeping in mind the learning needs of each trainee. Such courses are compatible with a range of devices in use today such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

In other words, these modern online learning platforms facilitate a “one-size-fits-me” instead of a “one-size-fits-all” approach. When learning is adapted through personalized learning paths and well-defined goals, the chances of success of training programs increase manifold. This is because in such a system, there is more engagement and knowledge retention on the part of learners.

Effective Training Formats

People are 75 percent more likely to watch a video than read printed text. Videos are known to be more engaging, memorable, and effective than other communication media. That’s why developers of modern employee training tools need to factor in this when they design their tools.

Videos are engaging, versatile, measurable, and cost-effective. They can break down complicated information into bite-sized pieces. In addition to videos, instructors can add presentations, quizzes, and other effective formats to their training courses with the help of a learning management system.

Such features are noted for arousing learners’ interest in studying subjects, increasing their rates of comprehension and visual literacy. With advanced planning and the right tools, enterprises can use creative strategies such as videos to deliver a personalized learning experience.

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A Voice for Each Learner

It is human nature to want to feel important and to make fellow beings regard their opinions well. The same instinct applies to learners. They expect to have a sense of control over their learning environment and share their voice in everything they do. To cater to this need, a learning management system can provide the right platform for knowledge sharing that goes beyond online training courses. By allowing learners to leverage knowledge exchange, social learning, blended learning, and post-training brainstorming, instructors can allow learners lend their voice that can become a part of the feedback at the end of each training.

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Granular Feedback on Learning Progress

Employee training software can be the perfect tool for evaluating employees’ skills and get instant feedback. LMS provides a number of ways to keep track of the learning progress of each employee. Instructors can obtain insightful reports at the end of every training session.

These reports show employee performance over time, and employers are able to link training to skills development. Once the employers are sure that the employees have mastered particular skills, they can distribute completion certificates.

Such granularity in feedback is extremely helpful to employee training in any organization, regardless of the industry. It adds a personal touch to corporate training and enables individualization of training, which is difficult to achieve in traditional classroom training.

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Bottom Line

In today’s tech-driven world, employee training has undergone a sea-change. Cloud-based LMS has become a popular platform for imparting training to employees for their learning & development needs. Personalized approaches that these tools offer are helping instructors to motivate employees throughout the entire learning process.

Employers can now analyze learners’ performance in a more transparent manner so that they can chart further learning paths and provide additional recommendations to the learners. When employers tailor their training according to the unique needs of each individual, a positive learning experience is bound to follow. This ultimately translates to improved employee performance and increased the bottom line. If you’re looking for the real value of personalized employee training, you will find it in an LMS.

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