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Computer-Based Training: Why It Really Works


This is the technological era.  We have computerized cars, fridges, coffee-machines, cell phones and even toasters.  So when someone put forward the idea of online or computer based training, people got up and ran to the nearest exit in fear. Why?  Because they don’t know anything about it.  However, that’s what the purpose of this article is.  By the end of it, you will be able to explain to anyone what computerized learning is, and why it’s useful.

The Advantages

Many companies are using online training sites, and why do you suppose that is?  Could it be because they no longer have to use up reams of paper when printing informative booklets?  Is it because they no longer have to employ an external lecturer whilst their employees are being trained?  Simply put, there are many advantages to e-training.  Cost, time, paper and availability being just a few of them.  Below are just a few of the many ways that e-training can help your company.

Lower long-term costs

The beauty of buying -or leasing- an online training package, is that after the initial once-off fee, there are usually no overheard costs.  It’s a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) package.  One initial fee, and then your company has access to all the useful features that the package has to offer.  This also means that you will no longer have to spend a large majority of your cash on lecturers, as everything is taught online by the system’s videos and e-books.

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Flexibility, freedom and feedback

Due to it being online, it means that any of your employees can watch a video or read through a lesson anywhere in the world.  Whether they’re at home, in the office, in the basement of the office, or on a business trip, as long as they have access to an internet connection, they can log in, do the training, and discover what they still need to know, or you can discover how far they’ve progressed in their training.  The other advantage of the online training is that because it’s in a digital format, the employees will -depending on the kind of tests required, naturally- receive their results almost instantly.  Many online course tests work along the same lines as an online quiz, which means that certain answers will be “right”, and others will be “wrong”.  Once the employee has his or her results, they have something to work with for a training plan.

Goodbye library, Hello hard drive!

The next benefit of having everything online is that the internet has an almost limitless amount of storage space. You can have hundreds or thousands of training videos stored online, for almost next to nothing!  When a video is watched, or an online test taken, the data gets stored on “the cloud”, which you -or your chief employee assessor- can access at any time, to see who has watched the videos, and who has been tested.  On the flip side, you could be using books and paper for training, handing them out to everyone, and then conducting written tests.  This would, in turn, need to be stored in a filing room.  This means that anyone wanting to study, or look at their test results, would need to dig through mountains of records to find the one they want.  Tell me, which one would you prefer to do?

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It all works

The final point is that e-learning is reliable.  Once up and running, an online course-provider is very hard to “break”.  This is because the person wanting training is simply clicking on videos to watch, and subject they want to learn.  There’s no wiggle room for “accidental coding”.  This also means that when they get tested, the tests will be impartial.  If it’s simply a machine doing all the marking, then the person being tested won’t be shown favor (and they can’t argue that they or someone else was).  Everyone will be marked equally, and quickly.

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The final word

If there’s one thing you can take from this article, it’s that e-training is the way of the future, as -in the long run- it saves on time, money, people and paper.  It doesn’t make sense NOT to have a look at them.

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