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What does a website satisfaction survey do?

Contemporary businesses are not limited to their offline stores as having an online presence has become the need of the hour. In such a case, a website satisfaction feedback survey can help you avail relevant feedback about your website from your existing as well as prospective customers. This survey simply seeks to evaluate the overall experience people have when they visit your website.

Why is a website satisfaction survey important?

Your business might have the best web developers; however, nothing compares to capturing feedback about your website directly from the users. A well-curated website satisfaction questionnaire can help you realize the performance of your website and other vital parameters like user-friendliness, overall design, ease of navigation, and a lot more. While website analytics might tell you the number of people who visit your website, only a survey can help you realize the purpose behind their visit. You can also figure out why people leave your website and how you can improve their overall experience.

When and where to use a website satisfaction survey?

It is comparatively much easier to capture candid feedback while customers are on your website rather than when they are away. A majority of businesses use popup surveys that appear shortly after customers visit their website, and this helps in significantly reducing bounce and exit rates. In addition to this, using sidebar forms on the outer edge of your website allows users to provide instant feedback while they are still on your website. In case you have made any significant changes to your website, floating website satisfaction survey questions via email should always be on your agenda.

How to use the results of a website satisfaction survey

The ProProfs’ website satisfaction survey template lets you convert website visitors into paying customers. If you get an overall positive satisfaction score, it translates to more and more people sharing and promoting your website, thereby increasing your online visibility. On the other hand, a negative satisfaction score allows you to improve your website further and reduce bounce rates. To dig a little deeper into visitor pain points, you can share follow-up surveys and ask them to offer additional suggestions to improve the user experience.

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