How To Use The Suggestion Box Web Form Template?

What does this web form do?

This form makes it easy for people to make suggestions to improve your business or organization. This form begins by asking to which area of the business the suggestion pertains. This allows you to enter different departments or aspects of your business that may garner suggestions. Then the form allows people to enter free-form text and provide their suggestion. Offering a suggestion box on your website may increase the suggestions you receive.

Why is this form important?

This form can help business owners and managers gather suggestions and feedback quickly and efficiently. It also makes it easy for all types of people to give you great ideas and suggestions for improvement. All suggestions will be stored online so they are never lost. You can also use flags and add notes to indicate follow up actions necessary.

Where to use this form?

This form can be embedded on your website as a way to gather information from customers, prospects, employees, and partners. You can create a separate form for different locations on your website or use a single form to gather information in one place.

How to use the results of this form?

If you notice consistently negative feedback in a certain area, you can focus on that area and make improvements based on the suggestions.

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