How to Use this Template

What does an employee performance survey do?

Successful businesses rely upon evaluation systems to efficiently encourage employees and teams to perform at their best. An employee performance survey is completed by a manager/team leader to rate the performance of various employees on different parameters. This survey not only measures and monitors individual performances but also offers employees a better understanding of their accomplishments as well as failures.

Why is an employee performance survey important?

Employee performance surveys are critical to establishing alignment between employees and the management members. It also ensures that everyone is on the same page when it comes to performance expectations and delivery. Such surveys also help to facilitate a work-culture of honest feedback and help employees to improve performance, reflect on improvement areas, and grow professionally.


When and where to use an employee performance survey?

It is essential to discuss and measure employee performance frequently. Consistent and periodic performance reports can help managers develop a fair compensation structure for their team. The employee performance survey questions act as an extension to performance reviews and 1 on 1 performance meetings. This survey must be utilized every quarter and also during the appraisal cycle. However, many organizations that offer performance-based incentives use this survey on a monthly basis. Since this survey needs to be completed by the managers, it must be shared with them via a link on their respective professional email addresses.

How to use the results of an employee performance survey

This employee performance survey template can make the process of setting up your evaluation system effortless. The employees that receive positive performance ratings from the managers must be encouraged and rewarded through promotions, appraisals, or incentives. On the other hand, those employees who receive low-performance ratings must be asked to improve their performance and meet expectations. Follow-up surveys can be used to further dig into the underlying causes that might be leading to poor performances.


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