How to Use this Template

What does an employee exit survey do?

Your leaving employees can offer valuable insights while you look to improve your overall hiring and retention process. An employee exit survey is a popular survey that is given to employees who have put down their papers and might be serving their notice period. The exit surveys are designed to capture relevant feedback that helps employers develop attractive and robust work culture.

Why is an employee exit survey important?

Sharing exit surveys with voluntarily-leaving employees is an essential part of the offboarding process. Exit surveys act as the perfect medium when it comes to getting a deeper look into your prevailing work culture, day-to-day operations, management, and employee morale. After all, it is always a great idea to hear from your leaving employees in order to fuel your employee-retention strategies. Such surveys are also found to be a great way to foster strong relationships between employers and past employees.

When and where to use an employee exit survey?

Exit surveys must be exclusively shared with those employees who have shared their resignation with an organization. Sharing employee exit survey questions with every single employee or with those who just have plans to quit in the future does not really serve any purpose. It is important to note that, exit surveys act as an extension to the exit interviews. Your employees might be willing to share more over a survey than during a face-to-face interaction. Such surveys can be shared over email, either before or after an exit interview to receive the ideal feedback.

How to use the results of an employee exit survey?

You need to realize that no matter how good your company is, people are eventually going to leave. The results of an exit survey must be kept confidential by the Human Resources team as much as possible. This would encourage employees to share unaltered feedback. Employees that share negative feedback or experience can help highlight the major improvement areas. The ProProfs’ employee exit survey template will help you capture results in real-time and implement strategies to reduce staff attrition. Including questions like - “What would deter you from leaving this organization?”, will help you further work towards your employee-retention goals.

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