How to Use this Template

What does the employee engagement survey do?

This employee engagement survey enables you to understand how happy your employees are. Understand if employees like your workplace culture or feel valued at work using this ready-to-use survey template.

Why is employee engagement survey important?

Get the pulse of your employees every six months. Know their sentiment towards the company, workplace culture, and resources provided to them. Use professionally designed employee engagement questionnaires and reveal information that matters. Devise better employee engagement strategies that promote a positive workplace, improve employee productivity, and boost employee participation and service.

When and where to use employee engagement surveys?

You can send out employee engagement surveys at least once or twice a year. Besides that, you can also use them when employees have attended an event organized by your company to improve their experience. It will help you understand whether your engagement strategies are reaping positive results.

How to use the results of employee engagement survey

These surveys are usually anonymous, which gives your employees the freedom to answer the questions honestly. They help you understand the existing workplace bottlenecks that hamper employee experience and productivity. You can even design events or come up with engagement activities that result in happier employees (and delighted customers, as a result).

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