How to Use this Template

What does a customer satisfaction survey do?

Customer satisfaction surveys help you quickly measure how content users are with your products, services, support, and other key areas. Such surveys can help you easily capture customer opinion and allow you to identify improvement areas in real-time.

Why is a customer satisfaction survey important?

The end-goal of every business should be to have not just satisfied but ‘delighted customers’. The best way to achieve this is by asking them the right customer satisfaction survey questions at the right time. Recording customer feedback on existing products and services will help you with the much-needed insights to facilitate future decisions, making you a truly customer-centric business.

When and where to use a customer satisfaction survey?

A satisfaction survey must be floated across your customers regularly to gauge their level of contentment. If your customers are happy with your existing products, that does not necessarily mean that they will react the same way using your new products. You can use this survey right after a customer interacts with your support team to understand how successful an agent was in resolving customer queries or complaints. Similarly, in order to evaluate the success of your newly launched product/service, you can share this survey with your initial users to grasp their hands-on experience. Therefore, customer satisfaction surveys can be used on multiple occasions, whenever your business is ready to test the waters and appreciate the honest feedback.

How to use the results of a customer satisfaction survey?

The results of a customer satisfaction survey template can be broadly divided into three categories: 1) Customers who are in love with your product/service, 2) Customers who just had a ‘neutral’ experience with your business, and 3) Customers who are dissatisfied and feel a lot needs to be improved. All the customers that fall under the first category, actively promote your brand and are much likely to bring new customers. For customers that fall under the 2 and 3 categories, you need to approach them via email or phone and better understand their pain points. Showing your customers that you care and value their opinion is perhaps the best way to retain them.

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