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2020 Annual Cow/Calf Production Expense and Income Report


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The information you provide in this questionnaire will remain confidential. Noble Research Institute staff will prepare an individualized report for your operation that will benchmark yourself over the years (if previous years of data has been reported) and relative to an average of other Integrity Beef Alliance producers.This questionnaire is designed so that you may stop at any time and then start back up where you left off.Be sure to remember the password you used on the login screen so that you can pick back up from where you left off. Additionally, the system will send you a finalized report of the questions and your answers to the email you provide.The data requested will be from the January 1 through December 31, 2020 production calendar year.Report all income and expenses only for the cow herd of one calving season and for calves while still nursing on the cow. If you have a two calving season, fill out a separate form for each calving season and segregate cost and expenses between each.Do not include costs associated with the calf after it was weaned off the cow.Post weaning or preconditioning expenses will be reported on a separate "Preconditioning Expense Form."Include all cattle (Integrity Beef and non-Integrity Beef) in the respective calving season in this report.Please do not leave any question blank, you must answer every question, even if that is with -0-. At the end of the questionnaire, you will receive a complete report of your answers. Enter data in numeric form only.Do not spell words out when numbers can be used.

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