Is your business sellable and how will it be valued by buyers? 
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This assessment consists of 50 questions and should take approximately one hour to complete. No personally-identifiable information is captured. Your responses are anonymous and confidential.

Your responses will generate a probability score for selling your business. The score indicates how sellable your business is from a BUYER'S perspective. Your score also indicates whether the price you will likely get will be on the high end or low end of the valuation range.

Upon completion, we will also offer some recommendations for improving your score. You will also have the option of receiving a full report on your results, and a free, no-obligation 'Opinion of Value', if you choose to provide your contact details.

Seven areas of business excellence are assessed. While it may be tempting to answer the questions in a way that would shed the best light on your business, try to be conservative and answer each question in the way an impartial and skeptical adviser might answer them.

If you don’t see a clear answer choice; don’t understand the question, or are unsure of the answer, select “unsure.”

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