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What is an online questionnaire software?

An online questionnaire software is a tool that allows you to easily create questionnaires. Whether you’re a human resource professional looking to interview potential job candidates or an automobile shop owner looking to gather feedback from customers, an online questionnaire software can help you ask the right questions to get the answers you need. Using the questionnaire software, you can create branded web questionnaires and also add videos or images to engage respondents better. Once respondents take your questionnaire, intelligent statistics and reports help you make sense of your data. Best, respondents can take your online questionnaire at their convenience, at anytime and from anywhere, which means more responses and more data for you!

Questionnaire / Survey Examples

Demographic questionnaire:  What is your age? What is your occupation? Where do you live? These are all demographic questions which help you understand your customers and market segments better. From product development, public opinions to selling smartphones, demographic questionnaires help you gather lots of information about specific populations.
Customer satisfaction questionnaire:  One of the most popular ways to gather customer feedback and gauge their satisfaction is by creating a customer feedback questionnaire. The data you get from such a questionnaire helps you identify the pain points of your customers and greatly improves your product or service.
Course evaluation questionnaire:  This questionnaire helps teachers and professors to quickly gather feedback from learners on a course and their teaching. They can create a course evaluation questionnaire during the third or fourth week of the semester and quickly make adjustments to their courses based on the feedback of learners.
Employee feedback questionnaire:  With an employee feedback questionnaire, businesses can check on the job satisfaction levels of their employees and use that information to structure or improve operating procedures, training, salaries and perks. The questionnaire also helps to improve employee interaction with the management.
Event questionnaire:  Event managers can create online questionnaires to collect and analyze information before, during and after an event. The information helps them in successfully planning an event, understanding the expectations of participants during the event and creating new strategies to improve future events based on the feedback of participants.

Net Promoter Score®:  Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a survey which is used to gauge the loyalty of a business' customer relationships.Get feedback ratings for your surveys and gain valuable insights on what your customers think about you. Get insights on detractors, passives and promoters with organized reports.

6 Secret Tips for Creating Awesome Survey Questions

Use simple language: Industry jargon, for instance a term like “cloud computing” has many different interpretations within the IT industry and can create confusion when used in a questionnaire. The best questions avoid jargon, abbreviations, slang words, catch phrases and colloquialisms.
Ask clear & specific questions:  The worst thing you could do to respondents taking a questionnaire is ask them ambiguous questions. For instance, “How long did our customer representative take to answer your question?” is always better than “How was your experience with our customer representative?”
Keep questions close-ended: Close-ended questions are those which elicit specific responses such as Yes/No, multiple choice or rating scale questions. Such a questionnaire is short and simple making it easy for respondents to take it as well as for you to analyze the results.
Create a flow: A questionnaire is actually a conversation between you and your respondents. To avoid confusion, move from one question or section to another in a logical manner. For instance a car seller might ask logistical questions such as “How would you rate our car workshop event?” and then move on to content related questions such as “What car do you prefer: Ferrari or Aston Martin?”
Add images & graphics: Don’t they say a picture speaks a thousand words. For instance, when you ask respondents to scale a question, you can add images to represent options such as “love”, “like” and “dislike”, to engage them better and improve completion rates.
Allow question skipping: At times, you don’t want to ask questions that can make your respondents uncomfortable. Unless you have an absolute requirement you should allow respondents to be able to skip questions about their gender, race and age.
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