Create Survey

Build surveys that you can easily email or share a link, embed on your website, or share on social media to find out everything you need to know about customer preferences, employee performance, market research, and more.

Create Net Promoter® Score

NPS is a one-question survey that asks the question: “How likely are you to recommend this on a scale of 1-10?” ProProfs can track your NPS feedback & score over time to help you measure customer experience and pursue growth.

Create In-App Survey

Create short surveys that pop up right on your website or in your web application. In-app surveys can be targeted to the right visitor, at the right time without leaving your website. They have high completion rates and provide instant feedback.

Create Web Form

Gather information quickly and easily by creating forms that can be shared via a link or embedded on your website. Make attractive, fully branded web forms like Contact Us, Product Feedback, Job Applications and more.

Create Survey

Popup Surveys appear on the screen when a website visitor is exiting your site. These surveys can help you understand why visitors are leaving, whether they were satisfied, can reduce bounce and exit rate. Effective for reducing shopping cart abandonment and page exit, capturing leads and more.

Create Sidebar Forms

Sidebar forms appear on the outer edge of your website and allow users to provide instant feedback, contact you, and take other on-page actions. Clicked tabs trigger a popup screen to gather insightful information from visitors.

Also At ProProfs

Create Scored Survey

Create survey questions and assign points to each option. Display custom messages based on final score, and use scores to evaluate next steps or best responses. Ideal for evaluations, lead scoring, measuring satisfaction and more.

Create a Survey

Make your own scored or personality quiz. Search 100k+ quizzes & assessments.

Create Onine Survey

Build interactive polls using an easy editor and 1000+ templates.

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