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Suggested on Jul 28, 2015

Improve Reordering Pages Function

Currently, if I need to move a page from the bottom of a 50 page course to the top, it takes I have to do 5 or 6 separate moves because I can move the page only within the screen. Either the view needs to scroll, or there needs to be some other way, such as an outline view or a dropdown box where I can choose the location within the course, to specify where I want to move the page. Also, it would be nice to be able to move multiple pages at the same time other than by moving a chapter.


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Aug 6, 2015
We are trying to fix this as soon as possible.
Thank you!
Team ProProfs
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Aug 18, 2015
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Aug 30, 2017
Dear Customer
We really appreciate you taking the time to share your suggestions and queries. We will get back to you soon with any update on this.
Team ProProfs
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Dec 19, 2017
so totally agree with this.. It is the dark side of Proprofs..smile. So much time is wasted that it causes irritation with what is a very good LMS

Suggested by: prolink_atl
Category: Training Maker
Status: Coming Soon
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