1. Attempt on your own.
2. Do not refer any text material for the assessment
3. If you fail on the first attempt, you have second attempt.
4. Failure to pass total of 3rd assessment , will have to retake the whole module.

5 Sample Questions

Which of the following correctly defines the EMT-I level of emergency care provider?

  • A. A trained person who provides basic emergency care until other EMS providers arrive on the scene
  • B. An EMT who has advanced training in patient assessment, medical emergencies, pharmacology, trauma, and other EMS activities
  • C. An EMT who has received at least 110 hours of training and provides prehospital care in emergency and nonemergency settings
  • D. An EMT who possesses both basic skills and key advanced-care skills

The length of an EMT-I education program is determined by:

  • A. The National Highway Traffic Safety Agency
  • B. The individual state
  • C. The National Association of EMTs
  • D. The National Registry of EMTs

The action by which an agency or association grants recognition to an individual who has met certain qualifications is called:

  • A. Validation
  • B. Verification
  • C. Certification
  • D. Licensure

The process by which the government grants permission to an individual to engage in a given occupation is called:

  • A. Promotion
  • B. Licensure
  • C. Endorsement
  • D. Certification

The name of the private nonprofit agency formed to provide testing of emergency medical technicians on a nationwide basis is:

  • A. National Registry of EMTs
  • B. National Highway Traffic Safety Agency
  • C. National Association of EMS Educators
  • D. National Association of EMTs