Emergency Medical Technician Basic
Module 7 Theory Assessment

5 Sample Questions

The part of the body where eggs are stored and become mature and where female hormones are produced is the:

  • A. fallopian tubes
  • B. uterus
  • C. ovary
  • D. cervix

If a baby’s head is born and you find that the umbilical cord is wrapped tightly around the baby’s neck, you should:

  • A. give the mother oxygen and transport rapidly
  • B. stretch the cord over the baby’s head to unwind it
  • C. clamp the cord close together in two places and cut between the clamps
  • D. try to push the head back inside a little bit to ease tension around the baby’s neck

In a vertex (head-first) delivery with meconium-stained fluid, the mouth should be suctioned:  

  • A. only after the nose is suctioned
  • B. as soon as the head is born, before delivering the rest of the baby
  • C. only after you check the heart rate
  • D. the mouth should not be suctioned because you will contaminate the mouth with bacteria

If the placenta has not delivered by the time the baby is wrapped and ready for transport, you should:

  • A. ask the mother to push while you pull on the cord
  • B. perform McRobert’s maneuver
  • C. ask the mother to stand; gravity may deliver the placenta
  • D. proceed to the hospital

Positive-pressure ventilation for a newborn should be done at a rate of:

  • A. 20 to 30 breaths/min
  • B. 40 to 60 breaths/min
  • C. 80 to 100 breaths/min
  • D. 120 to 140 breaths/min