5 Sample Questions

Public health systems in the Philippines are operating within a context of ongoing changes resulting to number of pressures in the delivery of health services. These changes least likely include:

  • A. Health reforms
  • B. Technological advances
  • C. Shifts in demographic and epidemiological trends in diseases
  • D. Customs and traditions

The core business of the public health includes which of the following?

  • A. Health protection
  • B. Epidemiological surveillance
  • C. Research
  • D. Health situation analysis

The neighbor of Family Alonzo has been grieving due to the death of their mother from pregnancy complications. Nurse Diane understands that this event is a:

  • A. Health deficit
  • B. Foreseeable crisis
  • C. Health threat
  • D. Health problem

The following items are found inside a public health bag except:

  • A. Apron
  • B. Stethoscope
  • C. Tape measure
  • D. Acetic acid

Nurse Diane influenced the Sangguniang Bayan to ban smoking in public areas to minimize if not prevent the exposure of population to smoking. She is performing her role as:

  • A. Educator
  • B. Trainer
  • C. Advocate
  • D. Researcher