This quiz offers an opportunity for personal or professional development in the private practice of constructive child safety files, a form of domestic/family assurance policy. Agents who pass the quiz are then certified by Life Winks LLC as child safety filers (a.k.a. Family Law 2.0, or all-natural, clean data, ethically sourced psychology) as part of Clean Law's safer private network (SPN). It's for personal use as well as open access social justice/policy to empower your family, friends, children and community against all overlapping hostilities if and when they arise.  No foreign terms and conditions conditions apply, or else agents would not remain unique and organic to their individual real-time safety. Answer 70% or more of the answers correctly to pass and earn a certificate which is automatic emailed.  Please note that this quiz is not a "test" and your answers will not be shared with anyone. It is also important to note that the SPN shield and its developments are a process and not an endpoint. It is intended to be fully customizable. A high or low score on this quiz does not systemically "certify" or qualify you or any of us as more or less family law providers. Instead, the purpose of this quiz is primarily to stimulate our thinking about childhood ultra-safety, familyhood ultra-safety, seniorhood ultra-safety, and eventual license. Especially during high-conflict divorce, military deployment, school strikes, and other such legally separating protocols. The quiz takes about 10 minutes and there are 20 questions. Good luck!

5 Sample Questions

How did you hear about us?

  • A. Television
  • B. Radio
  • C. Friend
  • D. Internet
  • E. Written Publication
  • F. Other

Cross-parental misunderstandings (a.k.a. mixed-messages) between children and parents, as well as cross-legal misunderstandings between lawyers and their clients can lead to mistrust and frustration?

  • A. True
  • B. False

Best-selling Author Susan Pease Gadoua says in her book Contemplating Divorce that during divorce you feel:

  • A. As though you're being stretched farther than you've ever been stretched before
  • B. Angry
  • C. Confused
  • D. Hurt
  • E. Depressed
  • F. Self-blame
  • G. All of the above

Children who have been practicing child safety files with their parents have reported:

  • A. "Best day of my life"
  • B. "Love Love"
  • C. "We needed this"
  • D. All of the above

The child safety file SPN, DECENTRALIZED peer-to-peer network is about missing context, missing places in policies, situational exclusions, and absent legal instruments but not about family content, or personal information, who did what, etc.?

  • A. True
  • B. False