Remember, Every Question and Answer Matters!  
This practice test contains Q&As created from Robert Fischer et al's Introduction to Security and Pamela Collins' Principles of Security and Crime Prevention, Illinois Criminal and Civil laws, and the Administrative Rules for License holders. All are  are sources for the Illinois Private Security Contractor License Exam. No time limit.

Many who failed their Illinois License Test did so because they didn't have enough time to read and assess all the questions and answers. Becoming familiar with the terms, definitions, and concepts will help you recognize concepts, terms, etc., more quickly. Consequently, you won't have to waste time reading and re-reading the same material on Test Day.   

On Test Day you'll have about 65 seconds to reply to each question (75 Qs divided by 90 minutes test time = 65 seconds average for each question.).

5 Sample Questions

The Mycenaean Empire exemplifies a four-zone security design that would be applicable today. All of the following are examples of modern security, except (P4):  

  • A. Use of water as a moat, canal or river as a defense.
  • B. An elevated, bell tower used as a early detection and warning system.
  • C. A third wall is used to surround the Sacred Precincts and the Palace.
  • D. A wall of a building used as quarters for royalty and valuables.

The ______________ used Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) techniques to enhance security and safety. P4 

  • A. Egyptians
  • B. Mycenaeans
  • C. Greeks
  • D. Romans

The _______________ are credited with developing some of the first target-hardening devices such as the lock (P.4).

  • A. Egyptians
  • B. Romans
  • C. Greeks
  • D. Persians

These night watchmen represented one of the earliest known examples of security officers (P.7)

  • A. Greeks
  • B. Persians
  • C. Romans
  • D. Macedonians

Around 1100 A.D. the office of ___________ was established within the shire system (P.9). 

  • A. Constable
  • B. Sheriff
  • C. Night watchmen
  • D. Vigils

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