This quiz will test your knowledge and understanding of how to maintain patient records

5 Sample Questions

Under OHS legislation, employers have a duty to ensure that employees' working environments are safe and pose no threats to their health. OHS legislation occurs at a national and state level. Which of the following are the aims of these acts? (More than one answer)

  • A. They aim to secure the workplace health, safety and welfare of employees.
  • B. They aim to protect persons at or near workplaces from risks to health and safety arising out of work activities.
  • C. They aim to diffuse legitimate compensation claims
  • D. They aim to ensure that expert occupational health and safety advice is available to employers and contractors.
  • E. They aim to promote work environments that are adapted to the health and safety needs of employees
  • F. They aim to increase the susceptibility of employees and employers to injury at work
  • G. They aim to foster cooperation and consultation between employers and employees on matters related to employee health, safety and welfare.

Which of the following statements about working at computer stations is NOT true?

  • A. Physical stress can be caused by bad furniture or by bad use of good furniture and leads to absences due to musculoskeletal disorders such as back and neck pain or upper limb problems.
  • B. Employees should arrange their working environment so that it is comfortable and ergonomically sound, for example ensuring that seats are properly adjusted.
  • C. Workers who spend a lot of time working at a computer should make sure that the monitor and keyboard are comfortably placed.
  • D. Ergonomic keyboards can be useful, making it unnecessary for workers to take regular breaks to reduce eye-strain and headaches.

Which of the following are key provisions of relevant legislation and regulations that may affect aspects of business operations in the health care industry? (more than one answer)

  • A. anti-discrimination legislation
  • B. ethical principles
  • C. codes of practice
  • D. privacy laws
  • E. financial legislation
  • F. manual handling
  • G. occupational health and safety legislation
  • H. consumer law
  • I. dietary needs

Answer true or false.
Your organization will have access to all of the relevant legislation and should keep you informed of your responsibilities to the organization, its customers and what you need to do to insure compliance.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Answer true or false.
Failure to comply with legislation will have minimal consequences for you personally or your organization.

  • A. True
  • B. False

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