5 Sample Questions

The process of breaking a sequence of a series of skills or behaviors into teachable units: 

  • A. Task Analysis
  • B. Check Mark System 
  • C. Discrete Trail Training 
  • D. Temporal Extent 

The overall direction taken by the data path is: 

  • A. Trend
  • B. Movement 
  • C. Data Result
  • D. Consistency 

A therapist who has read the previous session note, prepared for programs and has all data collection means ready is a: 

  • A. Therapist ready to go home 
  • B. Therapist ready for an initial assessment 
  • C. Therapist ready to abandon the client 
  • D. Therapist ready for data collection 

ABA is a(n) ______, which means it aids with: 

  • A. Mentalistic approach, enabling individuals to be held accountable
  • B. Evidence Based Science, speculations 
  • C. Speculative Science, optimizing effectiveness
  • D. Evidence Based Science, achieving ethical standards and optimizing effectivness

Your client has been receiving services consistently for the past 6 months. His mother calls the scheduling department to let them know that they are going on a cruise for 3 weeks and will not have therapy during this time frame. How might this be represented on a graph?

  • A. Dashed condition change line 
  • B. Solid Condition Change line 
  • C. Zig zig phase change line 
  • D. Dashed phase change line 

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