Whether you are new to Autodesk software or have prior experience, it is always good to know where you stand in your knowledge of core Autodesk software skills. Depending on your experience with Autodesk software, these skill test can be used as your guide preparation for certification.

5 Sample Questions

Which of the following are advantages to starting a new drawing based on a template file?

  • A. The new drawing can contain predefined layers.
  • B. The new drawing can have various drawing unit settings predefined.
  • C. The new drawing can include drawing objects and even have pre­-drawn borders.
  • D. All of the above.

The QNEW command will prompt you to choose a template file UNLESS you have

  • A. already started a new drawing.
  • B. set your default QNEW template file in the Options dialog.
  • C. disabled the New Features dialog.
  • D. completed a SAVEAS before starting a new file.

There are multiple methods for selecting objects with Modify commands. In addition to
picking, the two other most common methods are:

  • A. Window and Polygon.
  • B. Window and Crossing.
  • C. Crossing and Intersection
  • D. Polygon and Fence.

What is a parametric 2D design?


  • A. A set of drawing objects that contains only 2D geometry that is controlled and driven by geometric relationships and dimensional values.
  • B. A set of drawing objects that contains only 2D geometry which has no geometric relationships.
  • C. A set of drawing objects drawn using the metric system unit of measure
  • D. A set of drawing objects that contains both the 2D and sometimes 3D geometry.

The______function causes the cursor to jump by predetermined distances.

  • A. Snap
  • B. Object Snap
  • C. Grid
  • D. None of these