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5 Sample Questions

Identify the teaching strategy being used in this example

Teacher: Can you give me an example of a natural resource?
Joe: St Johns River?
Teacher: That’s correct, Now can you list me uses of the river?

  • A. Acknowledging & Probing a student’s response
  • B. Accepting & clarifying a student’s response
  • C. Acknowledging & reinforcing a student’s response
  • D. Framing and Prompting a student’s response

Teachers whose students perform better in science and mathematics than do their peers most likely achieve this outcome by using...

  • A. State Adopted Textbooks
  • B. Programmed instructions
  • C. Hands On Instructions
  • D. Independent study

Which of the following will most likely maximize students learning?

  • A. Independent study
  • B. Recitation of material to be learned
  • C. Programmed Instructions
  • D. Hands On Instructions

What should be the first step into selecting a new arrangement for a classroom where students often bump into each other when they are going to the pencil sharpener, trash can, or water fountain?

  • A. Check for traffic patterns in the room
  • B. Ask other teachers opinions on how to arrange the classroom
  • C. Plan activities that will limit the need for the students movements
  • D. Consider the physical environment requirements for different types of teaching strategies

Which activity can a science teachers best use to strengthen 11th grade students skill in another subject area while developing science knowledge?

  • A. Demonstrating the lesson and then allowing students to view the demonstration on a videotape
  • B. Playing classical music softly in the background while students complete their laboratory assignments
  • C. Requesting that students write a process analysis of an experiment
  • D. Asking students to draw models of the elements of compounds