Coild tubing exercise

5 Sample Questions

Which of the following devices can be repaired safely with pipe still in the hole?

  • A. A worn and leaking stripper rubber
  • B. A worn pipe ram that doesn't seal around the pip
  • C. A worn blind ram that doesn't seal properly when closed

With this rig up is it possible to change the packing in the strippers and still maintain 2 barriers?

  • A. Yes
  • B. NO

After run with 1.75" CT, next run with 2" CT is requested by client. What changes in BOP stack are required?

  • A. Change all BOP rams
  • B. Change all BOP rams apart from blind ram
  • C. Change stripper packing, pipe, slip and safety head rams
  • D. Change safety head rams

The main functions of the weep hole on ram type BOP is to; (2 answers)

  • A. Show the bonnet seal is leaking.
  • B. Show the primary seal on the piston rod is leaking.
  • C. Release any overpressure that may occur during testing.
  • D. Prevent damage to the opening chamber.

What are the main three factors affecting CT life (structure integrity)? 3 answers.

  • A. No. of runs
  • B. Bending cycle {continuous cycling)
  • C. Bottom-hole pressure
  • D. Chain tension
  • E. Traction
  • F. Goose neck (reel radius)

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