In the next fifteen minutes, you will answer a series of multiple choice questions.

There is no right or wrong answer, as long as you answer them honestly and as best as you can.  If now isn't a good time, you can complete the test later.

The test contains a series of multiple choice questions that should be answered within 30 seconds or less.  After answering a question the next question will appear. Keep the following in mind:Please read the questions and answers carefully.Select the answer that BEST fits with what you do and don't like.Please do NOT answer how you would like to be, or how you believe you should be.The answer that first pops into your head will likely be the correct one.Do not spend too much time thinking about your answer. Just keep moving as quickly as you can.

You will be emailed a link to your results shortly after completion and our analysis.

5 Sample Questions

Friends and family members would never say that you...

What would you do, if you met someone who could become your best friend?

People who don't know you well describe you as being

What kind of gifts do you like most?

You don't like criticism because...