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5 Sample Questions

In infants and young children all bones contain:

  • A. red bone marrow only
  • B. yellow bone marrow only
  • C. red and yellow bone marrow

Why do bones in infants and children contain red bone marrow?

  • A. becuase they are not actively myelopoietic
  • B. because they are actively myelopoietic

Fat cells start to appear in the bone marrow of children aged:

  • A. 2-3 years of age
  • B. 4-6 years of age
  • C. 10-12 years of age

Yellow bone marrow is:

  • A. active marrow
  • B. innactive marrow

In which of the following areas does red bone marrow persist in the adult?

  • A. thorax
  • B. hips
  • C. vertebrae
  • D. skull & pelvis
  • E. ends of long bones